10 Costume Ideas for Men

Pulling off a creative, fun costume is a task that most people get excited about during Halloween and other themed parties. One can buy a brand new outfit at the last minute or rent one in a costume shop. Are you looking forward to attending a costume party soon? Your first instinct may be to check out available costumes in a reliable costume shop Sydney outlet. Meanwhile, have you asked yourself what you want to wear to the party? Here are fun and easy costume ideas for men that you can consider before going to your favorite costume shop Sydney outlet. ‘

Where’s Waldo’s outfit

This outfit got its inspiration from a famous British series based on a double-page spread illustration that requires readers to find Waldo. Waldo or Wally is a staple character in any themed party, and you can never go wrong with it!

A Where’s Waldo costume is so easy! You can pull it off in less than an hour. First, get a white T-shirt from your closet. Pair it with a red or white fleece and felt hat. Get some round glasses to conclude the look. Do you want a more authentic Where’s Waldo look? Wear a read-and-white striped shirt and pair it with a beanie of the same color. Try to find it in your chosen costume shop Sydney catalog, and you might get lucky to find it there!

When Life Gives you Lemons’ Costume

This proverbial phrase has been around the corner for a long time. If you live by this principle, why not wear it then? Coming up with this costume is so easy. Get a white shirt with an iron-on LIFE print in the middle. Then, get the lemons your mother has been keeping in the kitchen and bring them to the party. You might want to get crazy and add those lemons to your favorite drinks!

Thriller costume

Do you want to bring that Michael Jackson vibe to the party? The King of Pop’s influence on costume parties will never go out of style. Pulling off a Thriller costume will always be relevant and easily identifiable. This outfit is also perfect for people who want to show off the moonwalks that they have been practicing for a long time.

You may want to start working on finding a wig that looks like Michael’s hair. His spiraled locks are a distinctive feature one should not miss out on. Then, go for sequined gloves. This accessory is hard to come by, and thus, you may want to look it up on your chosen costume shop Sydney website. You should never miss out on the red and black jacket, too! Pair it with a pair of black pants and shoes, and you’re done! Now, you are ready to dance with zombies and werewolves at the party!

Mr. Incredible

Are you into superhero films? Donning yourself in a Mr. Incredible costume might be an effective way to reflect your personality. Well, there are DIY ideas on how to come up with the Mr. Incredible outfit. Meanwhile, buying or renting the entire set in a trusted costume shop is safest if you run out of time.

Inspector Gadget

This titular character has been part of our childhood and thus will never go out of style. Try to look up the following items from your closet: a gray fedora, brown gloves, polyester fiberfill that should imitate Inspector Gadget’s bulging belly, and a giant magnifying glass. Donning on a round black beard would complete the costume.

Chef outfit

This is an easy costume you can assemble in less than an hour! Try to borrow your brother’s or neighbor’s chef’s jacket and hat. Then, pair it with black pants and black leather shoes. Bring a bowl and whisk from your kitchen if you want to look more authentic. Just make sure to return it to avoid your mother’s scolding.

Pizza Delivery Man

Have you received the party invite at the last minute? Well, this costume is perfect if you don’t have the luxury of time to be more flamboyant and creative. All you need is a white shirt and a pair of jeans. Then, grab that empty pizza box from your last boy’s movie marathon to complete the outfit.

Clark Kent

The Superman costume will never go out of style. Meanwhile, the Clark Kent Superman outfit is the more subtle version of this character. Get a blue shirt with a Superman logo in its center. Then, make a second layer consisting of a white collared shirt with a red necktie. Don’t forget to open a few buttons and show off the Superman shirt underneath it. A pair of blue jeans and any shoes can complete the outfit.

Star Trek Costume

Are you a Star Trek fan? Show your admiration for Christopher Pike’s leadership by imitating his signature costume. Don’t have enough money to buy the Star Trek shirt? You can always look it up in a costume shop Sydney online catalog and choose the one that charges a cheaper rental fee.

Blessing in Disguise Outfit

This costume is too funny, easy, and cool to be missed! Grab a black shirt with bold ‘Blessing’ prints on its center. Then, get a hood, cape, and funny glasses. And yes, don’t forget to get those bushy eyebrows before going to the party.

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