3 Actionable Tips To Make Your Team Meetings More Engaging

Meetings are something most employees dread with their whole hearts. Many companies think that every day long meetings are what keep team members connected and motivated. However, there’s a big gap between engaging and boring meetings. And you should certainly try to make them more fun and interesting, or they won’t be as beneficial as you’ve hoped them to be.

How to Make Team Meetings More Engaging

Are your employees engaged in the discussion during your team meetings? Or do they look bored and uninterested? It’s essential to pay closer attention to your employees in the meeting room and try to understand whether they enjoy it. 

How they communicate and behave during the discussion says a lot about the quality of your meetings. So, let’s see how you can make them more engaging and fun for your employees.

1. Start With Good News

Meetings can get intimidating quickly, so why not start them on a good note? Before you’d begin to mention everything wrong with their decisions, steps, and processes, start to mention good news first. This tip is significant for small businesses, as it’s important to celebrate every minor accomplishment with the team.

Give your teammates a chance to share their insights and list the good news. It will get everyone involved and excited about the rest of the day. Moreover, it will set a positive tone for your meeting so everyone will be more relaxed about not-so-good news and decisions.

2. Use Collaboration Tools

Most people think that collaboration tools are only important for remote workers. However, companies can utilize those tools even for office meetings. There are many helpful HR systems you can use to your benefit.

For example, your team can use a scheduling tool to arrange the meetings beforehand. This will save your team a lot of time and effort, and they can avoid miscommunications. You can also use collaboration tools to be in touch with remote workers, share your presentation, or for online training.

3. Send Post Meeting Follow-Ups To Your Employees

Meetings can sometimes be too long and tedious. Things you’ve discussed at the beginning of the meeting can be forgotten at the end of it. That’s why you need a 360-degree approach to summarize the contents of your meetings and send follow-ups to your employees.

Besides including a complete meeting summary, consider adding crucial components worthy of mentioning. Share the specific goals you’ve agreed upon with the team and leave a space for Q&A for your employees to raise their concerns or questions accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Meetings are a significant part of employees’ everyday lives. They are essential for your business’s success and for establishing better relationships among your team members. However, they can be too tedious, long, and exhausting if not managed right. Many business owners ignore this part of the deal and create unnecessary and boring meetings that repulse their employees. If that’s the case for you, then you have to take measures to make your meetings more fun and engaging. So, next time, use our little tactics for better results.

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