4 Ways to Pacify Your Anxious Pet Dog!

For fur babies, sudden changes in established ways or environments like adding new pets or family members, moving to a new home, loud noises, and several other things can trigger anxiety. You can recognize anxious pets by noticing significant changes in their behavior. The behavioral turnaround in pets can be because of this kind of mental/emotional stress or it can be because of certain medical conditions.

In any case, your four-legged friend may need vet consultation for timely diagnosis and treatment. With dog insurance NZ, your pupper can avail of quality medical support at economical costs. Consider buying cheap pup insurance that can cover your puppy for accidents, third-party liability, non-routine vet visits, medications, and more.

Consider the various plans available with different insurers and buy a policy that can add value to your pupper’s life and hopefully minimize your pet health expenses. For now, we have some workable solutions for your pet doggo’s anxiety issues. Implement them to possibly bring down your fluffy pet’s stress levels.

Simple, natural, and holistic remedies to soothe your disturbed doggy


Dog parents, in no case, must miss out on their pup’s walking/workout schedules. As much as possible, make sure your doggo is getting their daily dose of stimulation. Boredom, loneliness, pent-up energy, and changes in routine can stress out your pet immensely.

Allow your furry pet their indulgences. Sniffing places, walking and running in the fresh air, taking different routes each day, exploring the neighborhood, or a little stretching can help your pet unwind.


Check if your dog loves to listen to music. If your pup has a taste for songs, try playing songs of different genres. Learn your puppy’s preferences and play them out at low volumes so they can relax for a while. You can also accompany your pet if they have a penchant for watching dog shows on tv.

3.Essential oils

Your vet can be your best guide for picking essential oils for your pet. Lavender oil has been widely used to calm down uneasy pets since ancient times. Apply just a drop or two on the corner of your pet’s bed, towel, or other fabrics so they can feel the aroma. And some words of caution here, do nothing when in doubt, don’t experiment on your doggo, and take expert advice before using a product on your pet. Some essential oils can be toxic to pets.

4.Pet pampering

Grooming, massaging, and acupuncture may be able to efficiently reduce your pupper’s anxiousness. About fifteen minutes of brushing before they hit the bed or applying slight pressure on their feet, paws, ears, and head can relieve your pet’s tension.

Your pet may not always need medications to get over their nervousness issues. Still, take your vet’s opinion to rule out potential physical or behavioral problems before concluding that home remedies can be just enough to set your pet doggo onto the path to good health.

Once the vet has determined the root cause of your doggo’s anxiety, they may suggest a treatment plan for your pet. Follow your vet’s directions and some of the above-listed natural cures so your doggy can heal quickly and return to being happy again.

Dog insurance in NZ can lower your financial burden during pet health emergencies and specific health conditions. Purchase cheap pup insurance, so your fur baby has a minimum medical cover. However, you can always choose to buy a comprehensive plan for better coverage. Read the fine print in the PDS to know precisely what benefits you are paying for.

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