Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Math Online

Signing up for online mathematics classes is a reliable alternative to offline classes to learn mathematics. Online mathematics classes can be of great help but it comes with a few drawbacks. Students, as well as parents, need to consider certain key points before enrolling in an online class to learn maths. This article will provide valuable insight useful to both parents and students to make up their minds about learning mathematics online.

Multiplication – A Basic Yet Important Operation in Math

Multiplication is a basic operation of arithmetic that provides the result of combining groups of the same sizes. To put it simply it can be said that multiplication is the repetition of addition. Let’s assume, there are 4 boxes containing 5 apples in each of the boxes. So, there are 4 times 5 = 5+5+5+5 = 20 apples in total. Multiplication is  generally expressed by the ‘x’ (cross) sign but ‘*’ (asterisk) or ‘.’ (dot) is also used to represent multiplication. The answer one gets by multiplying two numbers is called ‘product’. The number of same-sized groups is called ‘multiplier’ and the number of objects in each group is called ‘multiplicand’. Multiplication has a commutative property meaning order of the two numbers does not affect the ‘product’ e.g. 3×6=6×3

Advantages of Learning Mathematics Online

The major advantage of learning mathematics online is that the student gets much more attention from the teacher due to the lower number of students than in school classrooms. Some other benefits are:

  • One-on-one tutoring with an experienced and highly demanded teacher often costs a hefty amount of money that can not be afforded by many parents. Prices of online mathematics classes are reasonable and it also cuts down the expenses of traveling to the class.
  • Selecting the right teacher for the student is easy for parents in online mathematics classes. Parents are not limited by the location of the teacher and this opens up a wide range of options.
  • The student can attend online classes from the safety of his or her own home. Parents can easily monitor the online class for the safety of their children which is never possible in an offline classroom.
  • The student gets immediate feedback during online mathematics learning. Positive feedback boosts the confidence of the student and targeted feedback helps the student to recognize the certain aspects that need improvement.
  • Teaching mathematics effectively often requires visualization for learners to fully grasp the concepts. Learning mathematics online is the best option in this regard because of the availability of visualization tools.
  • Learning mathematics online is an interactive process where the teacher participates in the process of problem-solving along with the students. In this way, the teacher can immediately identify and rectify the mistakes the student is making.
  • Every student has a learning pattern. Learning mathematics online comes with the advantage of a personalized learning experience and courses are tailored to fit the different learning needs of the students.

Disadvantages of Learning Mathematics Online

  • In a traditional school classroom, many doubts are cleared by engaging in group work. Classroom interaction is crucial for students while learning mathematics. Students may find it difficult to ask questions to the teacher sometimes but open up to their peers. Learning mathematics online often does not provide this opportunity because of the small number of students.
  • A working internet connection is a primary requirement to learn mathematics online. This poses the threat of developing an addiction to the internet and the consumption of junk content available on the internet. This can be mitigated by strict supervision of the parents over the usage of the internet by the student.
  • Some of the teachers available online possess prolific teaching skills and profound knowledge of mathematics but lack the necessary technological skills for using teaching tools. Parents and students must keep this in mind for selecting teachers to learn mathematics online.

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