Common causes of knee pain

Our knees play a pivotal role in keeping us mobile. Whether it be walking or sitting, our knees are enabling ease in movement, even though often we might not realize it.

However, since the joint is used a lot, it can also then sustain injuries and run into problems otherwise, causing pain and mobility issues.

Knee problems are common across all age brackets and can be a great source of discomfort then, meriting an urgent visit to the Best Orthopedic doctor in Lahore.

There are very many reasons why knees can start hurting, and only the doctor can ascertain the underlying cause.

Some common causes of knee pain


There are many different types of arthritis that can also then cause knee pain. Common ones include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. You need to manage the condition with the aid of a doctor.

ACL injury

ACL is the ligament present in the knee joint, which can sustain tear or injury. This issue is more common in athletes, especially those who play sports like basketball that involve a sudden change in the direction of movement. This can then strain the ligament, and possibly injure it.

Degenerative disorders

Degenerative changes are those that accompany with age. Naturally, as we age, our joints also have to take in the wear and tear, and without cell rejuvenation, there comes a point that the issues set in.


Fractures are breaks in the bones and joints that occur on account of trauma to the region. It can be the use of sudden or blunt force, fall, or accident of any sort that can lead to the knee joint fracture.

However, in case your bones are weak, for example as is the case with osteoporosis, the chances of fracture occurring run higher, even when there is no as such trauma to the region.


An infection can also cause knee pain. One of the common types of infections is cellulitis, which is a although a skin infection, but can also cause pain in the area with movement. Similarly, septic arthritis is also an infection that can cause pain in the knees.

Knee bursitis

Bursae are the sacs that are filled with fluid and help in the ease in movement of the tendons and ligaments over the joint, so there is no friction.

When these bursae are damaged, on account of blunt force, or the strain they sustain when one sits or kneels without protective gear, it can then cause bursitis.

Symptoms of knee bursitis include swelling, pain, and stiffness in the joint.


Sprain to the knee joint is also a common enough complain. Essentially, a sprain occurs when the joint gets rolled, on account of sudden twisting movement, that causes an imbalance in the joint. Alongside the pain, sprains can also lead to swelling and mobility issues.


Tendons connect the muscles and the bones to the joint. However, they can also sustain injury, on account of overuse of the tendon. It is more common amongst people who are into sports like jumping, cycling, running, jogging etc.; essentially those that require constant strain to your knees.

This overuse can then lead to the inflammation of the tendons, leading to the painful condition known as tendonitis. It can not only cause pain to the knee joint, but tendonitis also leads to stiffness in the joint.

Torn cartilage

Meniscus is the pad made up of connective tissue that acts as a shock absorber, so blunt force is masked before it reaches the joint. However, if there can be injury to this tissue, that can lead to tears therein. It often occurs when there is sudden twisting movement in the knee joint, whilst it is carrying your weight.

Dislocated kneecap

Certain forms of trauma can also cause the kneecap to become dislocated. It is a painful condition, that might also require an Orthopedic Surgeon in Rawalpindi to conduct a surgery as well.

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