Contested divorce in Alabama: Top questions answered

In Alabama, you can get a no-fault divorce stating that the marriage is irretrievably broken. There are also fault-based grounds for divorce, including incurable insanity, adultery, cruelty, and abandonment. Before you initiate the proceedings, consider talking to a Huntsville divorce attorney about the actual process and get educated on your rights and options. In this post, we are answering some key questions related to contested divorces in Alabama.

What is a contested divorce in Alabama?

If one or both spouses are fighting the divorce, it automatically becomes a contested divorce in Alabama. There are several circumstances when one may have to consider a contested divorce. For instance, if you want to file for divorce and cannot find your spouse, you have to initiate the proceedings on your own. If your spouse decides to fight the divorce and refuses to sign the paperwork, you may have to go for a contested divorce. In most cases, couples end up fighting over issues concerning alimony, marital assets, retirement accounts, and child custody, which muddles things further.

How long does it take to finalize a contested divorce?

It depends on the facts and circumstances, but it would be safe to say that contested divorces take much longer in Alabama. If you and your spouse are open to trying other ways to resolve contested divorces, you may not need to head to trial, which can save considerable time. Because one or both spouses are fighting the divorce, there is more paperwork involved, and the parties will have to work more to present evidence and witnesses at trial.

Should you hire an attorney for your contested divorce?

Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned, contested divorces in Alabama are more complicated and can take a considerable time to get resolved. When your spouse is all ready for a legal battle, you cannot really expect them to be timid in the process. You should have a dedicated legal team to help you at each step. Your lawyer will ensure all the paperwork is done right and your interests and rights are not compromised.

How much do contested divorce lawyers in Alabama?

For most typical no-fault and uncontested divorces, many lawyers charge a flat fee. However, contested divorces are different and can be more stressful for all parties involved. Your lawyer will usually charge an hourly, and you can expect a ballpark in advance.

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