Designs To Consider Before Placing Your Order For Wooden Pins

Best Practices For Pin Design

Our company,, has experience in creating unique pin designs. Over many years, we have refined our method and discovered how to make stunning, premium pins for every requirement.

You may be sure that whatever you’re searching for, we have the expertise and understanding to make your dream a reality. But it is helpful to have some inside information before you begin. In light of this, we decided it would be a good idea to provide some best practices for creating Wooden Pins. Learn how to use it to make the greatest custom Pins for your projects.

Going Over the Basics of Pin Design

A few things to note when discussing the Dos and Don’ts of wooden pin designs. Only sometimes is indented text the best choice. For artwork, there will be raised and recessed layers for typical 2D pin designs. You may press any message you add to the design’s recessed area. With elevated metal surfaces all around or nearby, the letters in a text can be boxed to stick out above the other pins.

The best legible text is always offered by choice number two. To add contrast to the design and make the indentation surrounding the text stand out more, it is a good idea to consider adding color. As a result, nobody needs to squint or prick their eyes under harsh light to read texts.

It’s crucial to bear this in mind second. Less is better, and greater is better. This can seem a little backward. It’s simple to explain, though. The ideal option is to make it bigger than your pin size. Although you don’t need big 2″ pins to produce a stunning pattern, using tiny parts will make any design FAQ BLOG challenging.

The tiniest pins can have the finest features created by our production staff. What happens if the recipient needs a magnifying glass to see the message? Or being unable to perceive the picture’s features. What’s the purpose, then?

We suggest our clients begin considering the best method to create a badge at a size that corresponds to a wooden pin, which is often between 1″ and 1.25″ in size. We can scale it up to 0.75 inches for a more complex design. Particularly for designs featuring text, we do not advise using sizes less than 1 inch. Our manufacturing team can print intricate illustrations on the tiniest of our wood pins. But keeping to a standard size will keep your image and text readable.

More is more refers to how to utilize as much of the space on your Pins as possible. Our clients occasionally want to add as much information or detail to a design as possible. The useful area on a wooden pin, however, could be improved. Making a pin specifically made to resemble a crest or emblem might be useful if you want to maximize the available area. An overly complicated design will have a different impact than a classic badge. Colorful shield patterns or elaborate flag pins

It’s always a good idea to make your Pins more complicated. But less is more if you’re trying to make a classic 1-inch wooden pin. Feel free to let the content or image dominate the layout unless you want more room to play and want to make the pin bigger.

Design Your Own Pins

These are the fundamentals of understanding how to create your Pins. Remember that larger is preferable, and stay away from indented phrases. Hence, the less, the better We advise our clients to abide by these broad guidelines. Even if your design is basic or sophisticated, you can trust that our art team will work with you to realize your idea.

We can advise you on which will work best for your wooden pin design if you need more clarification. Fill out the offer request form completely. Email or phone us. To produce the ideal wooden pin design for you and your team, we will take note of your ideas and work closely with you at every stage.

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