Effective Breastfeeding Requires You to Observe the Signs Your Body Gives

Healthy Breastfeeding

Lactation shouldn’t be something that’s a challenge. It shouldn’t be a learning curve. It should be as easy as breathing. Think about it, though. When you were a baby, did you know how to breathe immediately? Or did the delivery doctor give you a mild pat to encourage your first inhalation of air? Even breathing has a learning curve.

You may just fall into breastfeeding with no trouble whatever. Many mothers do. However, you could encounter mastitis, which is an inflammation of the breast tissue around the nipple. You’re likely to encounter sore paps, as many women need to nurse for a little while before their nipples toughen up enough that they aren’t rubbed raw in the process.

One very common difficulty involves latching. Your baby has never nursed before, and you’ve never provided nourishment in this way. Both of you have a learning curve. Beyond latching, sometimes you’ve got engorged breasts, but for some reason you’re unable to express your milk. This is a sign that may indicate a clogged milk duct.

Sometimes different factors contribute to your ability to nurse, also. For example, if you’ve got a psychological issue, that can influence bodily health. Postpartum depression is real, and may actually contribute to diminished milk supply. What you eat could also lower your milk supply, as could pre-existing conditions such as anorexia.

Milk Production Rates and What to Do

Also, your milk may not continue at the same rate it did right after your baby was born. Even if you’re pumping the milk when you express to keep your body productive, milk can begin to diminish for one reason or another, and it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a lactation support specialist. The following link helps you know the signs of low milk supply.

Being a Strong Mom

In order to be the best mom you can, you want to have some sort of healthcare solution available when the baby comes into the world. In an ideal world, you don’t have any difficulties whatever; but even mothers who have multiple children find that sometimes, breastfeeding is harder for one child than it is for another.

For example: did you know some babies are born with a tooth or two? It’s rare, but that can make nursing a nightmare. Thankfully, lactation support specialists can help you determine how best to pump, how to save milk, and ways to soothe sore paps, such as lanolin, petroleum jelly, or other alternatives. In short, for best results as regards breastfeeding, you want to be ready for the unexpected.

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