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The Korean Film Archive is an institution devoted to preserving the history of film in Korea. Also known as the Korean Federation of Movie Archives, this is the only film archive in the country with nationwide coverage. It was established in 1974 as a non-profit organization in Seoul, and is the sole repository of films produced in South Korea. The organization has over 2 million titles and is home to over 100 million hours of films. As of 2017, it is the largest film archive in Asia, with over a billion films in its collection.

The Korean Film Archive was established to preserve the materials produced during the filming process. It is an important resource for the country, as it represents an important century in Korea’s history. In addition to preserving films, the Archive also protects related data, such as photos, audio, and documents. Unlike the national libraries, the KOFA is a unique resource when it comes to video data, which is becoming increasingly popular with the rapid advancement of digital technology.

The Korean Film Archive’s YouTube channel is one of the best free streaming services for cinephiles. Hundreds of classic Korean films are now available to watch, and the collection continues to grow. The YouTube channel is a great resource for cinephiles, as it has been selected for its high-quality content and importance to Korean cinema history. This means that you can watch Korean classic films for free on your computer.

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