Hide Your Electrical Outlets To Streamline Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, it is where everyone has their meals, delights, and talks together. It is a significant segment of our homes and requires maximum attention to detail. 

Apart from being visually appealing, it should also be safe and inviting. Hidden outlets are one of the ways to achieve this, and also apart from that, it is not safe to keep them exposed as building codes require them to be at a certain distance. 

Here are some of the ways of hiding your electrical outlets if you are thinking of streamlining your kitchen:

Reduce the clutter in the kitchen area: You can do this by designing a good chagrin station in the drawer. This would help keep your smartphones and other gadgets organized in a drawer instead of scattered everywhere. It would also prevent you from potential injuries due to hanging cables. anonig  

Install the electric line along the upper-cabinetry line: It is one of the easiest ways to streamline a kitchen because lining it along with the upper-cabinetry hides the cables, which can be seen only when someone bends down. 

But if you don’t have upper cabinetry, you can install the outer strips at the beginning of the backsplash tiles and place them lower than their usual placement. Once you match the tiles and covers, the hidden outlet becomes entirely out of sight.  

Tie up the cables of the appliances: To give an appealing and streamlined appearance to your kitchen, you should avoid hanging cables in any corner. In that case, you must tie up the wires of the appliances and place them as close to the electrical outlet as possible. 

Take the benefits of recessed outlets: The recessed outlets remove the problem of putting in protruding cables as these outlets allow you to push the small electrical appliances directly into the wall.  tinyzonetv

Out of the different types of recessed outlets available, you must get hold of the one that best fits the bill. Recessed outlets also allow furniture closer than usual, which helps hide the hanging cables and protruding outlets. 

Arrange the elements of your kitchens intelligently: For your kitchen to look aesthetically pleasing, you must place the correct elements in the right place to give a streamlined kitchen. 

For example, you can creatively place large vessels filled with flour, cooking utensils, or other things in front of the electric cords. You can also improvise different designs that suit your kitchen shape the best. 

Prioritize the kitchen appliances: A kitchen is mainly made up of different devices, and they need to fit in the correct order to utilize maximum space and look nice. You should create a separate cabinet to place the appliances you don’t use daily. This helps open up the area and give a clutter-free look. 

Overhang some outlets: You should add a bank of outlet strips to the underside of the island so that it gets out of sight. So if your island lacks an overhand, you can consider adding an outlet strip under the edge. 


It might seem complicated to build hidden outlets, but with proper planning and execution, it would give your kitchen a seamless finish. Now that you have the required idea, we hope you’ll be able to make the most of it!

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