How can lock rekeying improve your security?

You’ve never changed your combination? How long have you moved in? If you have had the same lock for more than five years, you should be a little worried. Consider that the lifespan of a lock is six years, and from here they start to fail until an accident like the key breaking inside the lock or the door getting stuck starts to happen, and from there, it will be inevitable to change it and it will probably be more expensive to have to fix two things at the same time.

But this is not the only thing that should worry you about not changing your lock combination or the lock in general in such a long time, but the problem it can be for your security. Don’t you believe us? Read on

The risk of an old lock

Have you heard of attempted burglaries in Las Vegas lately? This percentage is on the rise and it’s really worrying, especially because they happen when you least expect it: While you’re at work, shopping, on a short three-day trip, and where do they come in? Well, it’s easy to deduce: They break into older locks or get the combination with contacts. If your lock is already very obsolete or does not have a security system that helps you avoid bumping or other burglary techniques, you are an easy target.

You have given many copies of keys to other people

If you’ve been moving in for a long time you’ve probably shared your key or a copy with other people, whether it’s to water your plants while you’re gone or walk your dog. Even cleaning or prep meal services, there are many options, but the point is that many people had the chance to enter your home or make a copy of your copy. Can you imagine how many people must have your house keys now? It’s a bit worrying if we think about it. 

And even though it may not seem like a threat at first glance, you never know what people’s intentions are. 

Let yourself explore new technologies

Have you heard of smart locks? They are the latest in technology and are surprisingly inexpensive, affordable and can easily connect to other devices. They really are a dream! Although after a while you have to change the combination as well. Update the locks is important, don’t wait for something bad to happen to you to take precautions.  

If you need any kind of service sdasrinagar that has to do with locks, whether it’s your door locks or your window locks, always prioritize connecting with a locksmith who has a license. Never do it with someone who is not a professional, as it can be much more expensive than investing enough money for a good service.

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