How do I prepare my body for cavitation?

Finally, a bikini figure with ultrasonic cavitation – figure-shaping and fat removal without surgery. It almost sounds like a fairy tale: With the help of cavitation, your unloved fat cells are broken open with ultrasound. The fat disappears from the typical problem areas – stomach, legs, and buttocks. Above all, cavitation shapes your body. If you complement the cavitation treatment with a balanced diet and sufficient exercise, your bikini figure will come almost by it.

Ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitation is a low-frequency ultrasound. The fat cells in the subcutaneous fat tissue are ruptured in a controlled manner using ultrasound. The resulting mixture of fat and water is either metabolized by your liver or transported away by the body’s lymphatic system. Specialists specially trained for treatment with ultrasonic cavitation. An average of six treatments is enough for a visible result, especially if you watch your diet and lead an active lifestyle at the same time.

For whom is ultrasonic cavitation suitable?

The cavitation treatment is suitable for those who work specifically on their problem areas and want to melt their love handles there. The fat cells located there burst in a controlled manner, releasing their contents so that they can be transported away. At the same time, the skin becomes firmer. You can consider an ultrasound cavitation treatment if you have a problem with your thighs, calves, upper arms, back, stomach, or buttocks that want to lose size. Specialist sounds the problem areas you want. The whole treatment is entirely painless and lasts between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the part of the body. Before the treatment, the Specialist will talk to you and explain the entire process. At the same time, the Specialist determines whether ultrasound cavitation is a suitable treatment for you and fits into your current phase of life.

You can achieve these results with ultrasonic cavitation

The Specialist gently massages your problem areas on the upper arms, stomach, legs, or buttocks with the cavitation machine during the treatment. This takes between half an hour and an hour. The cavitation treatment is completed with mechanical lymphatic drainage. Both are basic for the mixture of fat and water transported out of your body. After that, you can go home. It would be best if you then drank enough liquid. With six treatments using ultrasonic cavitation, the circumference of your problem areas can melt by several centimeters if you actively participate.

These body areas can be treated with ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitation ultrasound specialists help you lose your love handles in certain places. Cavitation is nothing more than figure-shaping and is particularly effective in areas where you can only achieve little with diet and sport. These include, above all, the fat deposits on the double chin, the outside of the thighs (so-called saddlebags), the inside of the thighs, and the hips, stomach, calves, or upper arms. However, body shaping will only succeed if you help and follow my advice. The cavitation treatment bursts the fat cells; your body has to take care of their transport. So help him with this: drink a lot (but no alcohol), and watch out for one balanced and a low-fat diet. Get enough exercise.

The advantages of ultrasonic cavitation

  • The fat cells in the problem areas are broken down painlessly and effectively.
  • Fat reduction without surgery: No surgical or surgical intervention is necessary.
  • The procedure is both medically and dermatologically tested.
  • Significant results in fighting cellulite and orange peel skin.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation works on any problem area.
  • You can continue your day as usual after the treatment.
  • You can notice a noticeable reduction in circumference after about six treatments.
  • The cavitation treatment is invisible to outsiders: no scars or other traces are visible.

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