How much do yacht chefs make?

Whether it’s a variety of foie gras canapés for a classy event or a comfortable mac n cheese to brighten the crew’s spirits, a yacht chef is indeed the go-to for any and all snacks and meals aboard. They’re usually a qualified chef with lots of experience supplying a kitchen on such a controlled budget, can-do mentality to adjust to what’s available. Here’s a link to your food guide when renting a yacht.

What is the average wage for a yacht chef?

A yacht chef salary on a vessel up to 35 meters is between $5,000 and 7,000 dollars before tips. This varies depending on the size of the yacht; on 51–65-meter superyachts, salaries range from $7,500 to $8,500 per month on average, while on yachts above 100 meters, salaries range from $8,500 to $10,000 per month.

Expertise in particular specialty cuisines, experience provisioning in the designated cruising location, and yacht CV wow features like a Michelin Star head chef post are all aspects that may favorably affect a yacht chef’s pay. On the other hand, a lack of administration abilities like as accountancy may lower your yacht chef income.

Rotational personnel might anticipate a somewhat higher yacht chef pay than permanent staff, although rotational work can be difficult to come by. The bulk of yacht cooks work on a permanent lease or private yacht basis, with frequent chef changes causing onboard dissatisfaction.

What is the role of a yacht chef?

You would believe that becoming a yacht chef is just making delectable meals, but the duties are far more extensive. Meal planning, supply, presentation, food hygiene, food safety, administration, and inventory. Directly go here for more information.

Yacht chefs are enthusiastic about preparing beautiful cuisine and can do it with little preparation and notice. They are catering for high-net-worth clients who have dined in some of the world’s greatest restaurants and want the best. It’s a demanding job, with longer hours & shorter times off than most ground chef positions, but those who excel will find the accolades well worth it.

The size of your yacht will determine whether you make meals again for superyacht crew, visitors, or both. A yacht under 50 meters will usually just have one chef who will prepare food for both the crew and the guests, however bigger yachts would usually have executive cooks cooking for the guests and crew cooks catering for the staff. On a yacht of 100 meters or more, up to four cooks may be present.

How do you get a job as a cook aboard a yacht?

So, how will you become a yacht chef? The first thing to remember is that most yacht cooks come from the ranks of sous or senior chefs on land. This isn’t to imply that someone with less expertise can’t secure a position as a yacht chef; nevertheless, these candidates may need to work as a sous chef or crew cook on a bigger superyacht to gain experience.

Crew chef positions are a particularly good way to begin into the business since they enable you to build connections with suppliers and acquire experience without the burden of serving clients right away. Aside from culinary talent and experience, being a chef aboard a yacht requires adaptability, a cheerful mindset, and a desire to delight everyone onboard. Additional guide in becoming a chef, know more here.

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