How to keep your website visitors engaged?

They say content is the king in the world of marketing on digital media. Of course, having a killer content attracts tons of customers to the website.

However, is that enough to convert a curious viewer into a satisfied client?

The answer is, no.

On an average, it takes 15 seconds upon visiting the website for the potential customer to decide if they’re interested in purchasing or not!

So, your website should be more than just quality content.

In this article, you will learn simple tricks to keep them glued to your website.

The first impression

The initial impression always matters to everyone – whether they’re meeting another person or just going through a website.

Be cautious about the website’s layout and maintain the aesthetics. Though you have too many exciting things to offer, curate them smartly enough to lift the viewers’ curiosity.

According to a study, over 75% of the visitors judge the company/brand by their user experience with the website. Hence, be strong in its technical aspects as well.

The scannable factor

How long has it been that you have actually read a newspaper? Quite some time, right?! If you can recollect how the newspaper looks, you’d realise how boring the content is written and placed.

Of course, they have a limitation of space to save paper and hence end up cramming a lot of content in the pre-defined spaces.

The one perfect difference you have between a newspaper and an online blog is the limitlessness of the virtual world. You can please the reader’s eyes without worrying about running out of ink or paper!

Tip: Use spaces and create a pattern. Human tendency inclines towards finding a pattern and words that please the eyes!

The technicalities

Just like no one prefers to drive a slow car even though it is beautiful to look at. You need to ensure to offer a quality performance of the website, all while making it presentable to the audience.

The website should load fast enough to not to keep the visitor waiting and smooth enough to glide between different pages seamlessly. If the website takes over 7 seconds to load, then you’ve lost around 60% of potential customers already!

That’s how quick people judge and change their preferences these days! To match up to the world’s speed, hire a professional. Find one using the email search tool, The Chrome extension to Gmail and LinkedIn helps in finding you the professional’s email address in just a matter of seconds.

Final thoughts

You create a quality website when you can diversify it with various contents like blog, photos, videos, testimonials, etc.

Do insert Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons on almost all the pages to urge the customers to take some action. It can either be a product purchase or signing up for your newsletter.

The content on the CTA depends on how you want most of your visitors to turn into.

Adding testimonials on the website is rewarding itself. People these days prefer a brand over their peers’ opinion than randomly choosing it through an advertisement.

Apart from CTA, learn and instigate exit intent pop-ups. Ask your visitor if they really want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by closing the tab!

Adding such minor details actually can make an enormous difference in keeping the customer engaged on the website.

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