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How to Properly Place a Mirror in Your Bathroom

When placing a mirror in your bathroom, you must consider your user’s height and the size of the room. A round or oval mirror should be at eye level or slightly higher. Pklikes A rectangular mirror should be placed parallel to the vanity, at eye level. It should be at least four to five feet above floor level. The mirror should also be the appropriate size for the space. Here are some tips to make mirror placement a breeze:

Firstly, consider the height of the mirror. When hanging a round or square mirror, the height must be between four and seven feet from the floor. You may want to place a sconce directly beside the mirror or centered between the two.  pklikes com login Make sure that the sconces are at eye level and at least 36″-40″ apart, depending on the size of the mirror. Remember to consider the height of the mirror so you can properly install the light fixtures beneath it.

Secondly, determine how high you want the mirror to be. If you have a double sink, you’ll want to place two mirrors. This will free up wall space that might otherwise be used for additional lighting. Lastly, choose mirrors with good symmetry.  thingnew You’ll also want to avoid classic shapes, such as rectangles. For instance, the curved mirror by Studio DB complements the sink surface, and a blush pink bulb makes a perfect pairing.

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