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How To Raise Your Brand Recognition In 3 Steps

Having a strategic brand recognition plan is key for any business looking to grow. Knowing what brand recognition is and being aware of the benefits it provides can be a great first step, but how does one go about actually achieving boosted brand recognition and making real estate? If you’re looking to increase brand recognition for your business, there are three steps you should begin with.

Three steps to create a good brand recognition strategy

1. Make sure your logo stands out

Creating brand recognition is an important step in any business plan. A logo is a brand’s most recognizable symbol, so it needs to stand out in order to succeed. To ensure your logo will make an impression, consider its color palette and font choices. A vibrant primary color can help the logo stand out against the competition and make it more easily discernible while incorporating a clever font or stylish graphics can give you an added edge to separate from other logos. 

Visual elements like these will stay with customers long after their initial encounter with the brand, making sure your logo stands out from the crowd and providing brand recognition for years to come.

2. Create messaging that resonates through visuals and words

Creating messaging that resonates with your brand is one of the most powerful tools for brand recognition. It’s not enough to just have a brand logo or name; the message it conveys needs to be intellectually stimulating, visually appealing, and emotionally moving. By linking something tangible, like visuals and words, to your brand identity and lifestyle, you can create both an emotional connection and positive brand recognition. 

Think about colors, typography, and symbols that evoke the brand’s desired feeling. Make sure these identifiable elements are woven into all parts of your brand communications for maximum impact. Powerful visual messaging can easily draw attention and help turn audience curiosity into brand recognition.

3. Build relationships across multiple platforms

Relationships are a cornerstone of brand recognition, regardless of the platform. To ensure that your brand is held in high regard, it must be actively promoted on multiple platforms. This means engaging regularly and fostering strong relationships with followers across all social media outlets, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp bot, and others. It is important to engage authentically, allowing your brand personality to shine through. Be consistent in message and voice so that users who follow you across multiple platforms can get a strong sense of who you are as a brand. 

Additionally, marketing campaigns should have uniform messaging, visuals, and tones to create a unified brand image that resonates with your audience no matter which platform they’re using. By creating meaningful relationships across multiple platforms and staying consistent with brand messaging, it will be easier for customers to identify and recognize your brand.


While brand recognition isn’t an easy path to embark on, if done right, it can make all the difference in boosting both brand awareness and loyalty. It won’t be long before the efforts you put into improving brand recognition will pay off – reach more customers today by investing in raising your brand recognition!

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