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Instagram SEO: How to increase your business’s visibility on Instagram

Are you aware that 90 percent of Instagram users are followers of at least one company on Instagram? What can businesses on Instagram do to make it easier for users to discover they are following them? Many of them indeed make use of Instagram SEO to boost their visibility on IG to ensure that their intended customers can find them.

Do you want to know the process behind this? If so, read this post until the end because I’ll explain how you can improve your business’s visibility on IG. Meanwhile, you can also get free Instagram likes with Mr.insta.

What is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO (SEO) is the method that optimizes your content so that it can be found in the results of searches. When users type in keywords or hashtags on the Instagram search bar or your account, your content and account can appear in the top results If you optimize these.

Instagram is pretty transparent about the signals that its algorithm evaluates and the order it uses. The following are the signals it considers:

  • The search term a user is searching for
  • User activities that comprise the accounts they follow, the most recent interactions, posts viewed, etc
  • Information on the search results includes the number of clicks, likes, shares, and hashtags for accounts that show on the results page for the particular search.

What are the advantages that Instagram SEO can bring? Instagram SEO?

In November 2020, Instagram the company announced that it would make it easier to search. You can now find accounts in the results of a search with no hashtags. This can benefit businesses on Instagram since you can broaden its reach by optimizing your posts for terms. The other benefits of Instagram SEO can be found in:

  • The number of Instagram users who follow your company on Instagram will increase organically.
  • You can attract a clientele interested in the services and products you provide.
  • A wider audience can access your content without searching for hashtags that your company uses.
  • You can build a network of loyal customers for your company.
  • The chances of generating high-quality leads that will lead to sales are high.
  • It helps you save cash you would spend on Instagram advertisements.
  • You’ll be able to survive the intense competition on Instagram, especially when you’re in a competitive higher market.

1. Make sure your business profile is optimized

Using Instagram SEO to boost the visibility of your company on Instagram starts with enhancing your profile. Instagram’s algorithm examines the accounts that users follow and engage with before making recommendations for content.

If you can optimize your profile, then the algorithm will recommend it to users who are in contact with other accounts related to yours. Your content will appear on their Explore page.

The following steps should be taken to improve your profile:

Choose an image of your company as a profile image.

While there’s no evidence that photos on your profile increase the page’s popularity, people who notice that your profile picture is related to the things they’re searching for are likely to recognize your company.

Instagram recommends 320×320 pixels as the ideal profile size, but it shows at 110×100 pixels. This is to allow it to fit and display in the format of a circle.

Make your keyword of choice in your username, name, and bio.

This improves your chances of being listed in results from searches. For instance, I searched for fashion, and many accounts with the word “fashion” in their usernames and names were listed in the results.

It is also apparent that some of the accounts which appear in search results also have pictures associated with fashion in their profile pictures. This confirms my belief that your profile picture is representative of your company.

2. High-quality and informative content always

High-quality and valuable content can be found on Instagram. It’s the best method to get your prospective customers involved and obtain their authentic views regarding your company. The algorithm enhances content that people find helpful, particularly on the Explore page. If users find that your company posts valuable content, they are most likely to recommend it to others and then visit again to take advantage of it.

3. Make use of keywords relevant to your company as hashtags

Using related keywords and target keywords as hashtags in writing stories and posts is among the ways to allow new viewers to find your content.

Hashtags are keywords for web admins that want to improve the quality of your blog posts to be ranked for the target keyword in Google and Bing.

If you search using Instagram’s Instagram search bar by using hashtags hashtag, there are a variety of posts that use this hashtag show up in the results of your search with hashtags similar to it.

4. Alternate texts

Alt-text isn’t just an optimization strategy for a search engine like Google. It is also a strategy for Instagram. The people you want to reach on IG who are visually impaired cannot view the photos you post. They can understand what they are seeing with a screen reader, which provides the information. This is why you must include Alt text to cater to this audience and allow the algorithm to make it easier for them.

Instagram automatically generates Alt texts for every photo you post. Could you not count on it? Write your Alt text with the keywords you use for your primary and secondary. This makes it more specific and easy to read.

5. Beware of SEO practices that are black hat.

SEO on Instagram isn’t a sprint. Instead, it’s an endurance race. I understand how difficult it can be to work hard but get nothing but adverse outcomes. Avoid black-hat SEO practices like:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hashtags spamming
  • Content theft
  • Buy followers
  • Utilizing bots to fake engagements

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