Instructions to Save 150 Billion Dollars by Yoram Kraus

Yoram Kraus has been involved in high-tech investments for the past 20 years. He is the founder of the second largest REIT fund in Israel. He holds a degree in civil engineering from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and served as an intelligence officer in the IDF special forces. He is an avid mountaineer and extreme sportsman. In his memoir, Instructions to Save 150 Billion Dollars, Kraus recounts the events that led to his successful exit from his company.

Professional ice climber

Kraus’s success has led him to become the CEO and founder of SMS, a company specializing in complex engineering projects. He has three children and has been a mountain climber for 17 years. He also runs his own social media page and is a certified professional ice climber. He has written numerous articles and books and is currently involved in a high-profile real estate investment fund.


The author is Yoram Kraus, the founder and CEO of SMS (Social Media Systems) and the CEO of Infibond. He is a successful entrepreneur, with two previous start-ups worth over $1 billion. His most recent startup, Infibond, has been valued at $1.25bn, making it one of the few unicorns in the tech world. It boasts Goldman Sachs as a banker and talks with Walmart in the US. He has also won the investment of a prominent Hong Kong businessman, Richard Li, the grandson of Li Ka-shing.

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