Labrador Owners Need to Know About These Interesting Facts!

Labrador retrievers are affectionate, easy-going, and friendly. Labrador retrievers are perfect couch buddies, and they are highly energetic in outdoor environments. This is a special article for all you labrador lovers and owners.

Labrador retrievers are fun and curious beings, and here are some interesting facts for you to get to know them better.

  • Labradors love swimming. Labrador’s body structure is best for swimming. Their thick tail works like a powerful rudder, and their webbed feet will help labradors swim fast. Apart from this, the labrador has a waterproof fur coat, which allows it to survive cold waters.
  • If you are bringing a labrador home, be prepared for endless energy. Labs were bred to swim, run or work. If the labrador does not get enough exercise, it can show destructive behavior like chewing the edges of the furniture.
  • Labrador retrievers are recorded to be found in three colors: black, yellow, and brown.
  • Labradors are eager to please their owners; they are also intelligent and obedient.
  • Labradors perform well in several sports that require agility and obedience.
  • There is a myth about labrador colors: the yellow labradors are laziest while the white labradors are good at hunting. But the truth is the color of the labrador is not the indication of the character of the labrador. The characteristics of dogs develop over time, and many factors are responsible for that but not the dog’s color.
  • Labradors can be therapy dogs. They are also helpful in explosive detection, drug detection, and search & rescue operations. Labradors are versatile workers, and they can do different kinds of jobs.
  • Initially, Labradors were bred as game hunting champions because labradors are purpose-bred hunting dogs. That is why labradors perform very well in various settings physically and mentally.

These are some interesting facts about the labrador retriever that the owners must know. They should also know that labrador retrievers are susceptible to several health problems, including dysplasia conditions. Obesity and bloating are also prevalent in labradors if they don’t get proper exercise and quality food.

Taking your pet for a regular check-up with the veterinarian is vital for excellent health. Labradors are immensely loving pets, and if you are a labrador owner getting pet health insurance will be beneficial because if a labrador contracts any health problems, the insurance company will be there to take care of some medical expenses. Moreover, getting insurance doesn’t involve any hustle in today’s time. Pet owners can quickly get the best pet insurance online, anywhere. It is highly recommended to choose from the best pet insurance plans when looking out for pet health insurance and ensure that you have the maximum coverage and a healthy, happy pet.

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