Learn How to Write Effective Press Release

When a person wants to write a proper press release, it is essential to follow professional rules. You have to take in consideration everything, starting from the structure and finishing with the fresh news. In this article, you will find many tips from one of the best public relations coaches known as Debbie Leven. Study this detailed guide to be a confident press release writer and know how to send press release to local media.

Presenting Newsworthy Stories

Before you even start writing your press release, you have to ask yourself a question, whether your story is worth mentioning in the local news. Unfortunately, it is not rare when business owners want to get published in the media, but their content does not fit the topic of the publisher or is not up-to-date at all. Always remember that journalists consider publishing only engaging press releases. The top factor that interests a journalist is the reader’s interest. Once you have a clear idea how to pick up worthy stories, you need to know the writing rules to design a perfect material for your potential clients.

What Should You Include into Press Releases?

When you write a good press release, make sure it answers the key questions:

Who is the key player?
Why is your news essential?
Where is the event happening?

Be ready to prepare several drafts. You need to include enough details to convince both a journalist and a reader.

Consider Your Public and Their Interests

Your target audience should be your top priority. There is a big difference in interests when you write for a newspaper or a specialized magazine, blog, or site. Use the language which is clear and easy to comprehend.

Writing Style for Your Press Releases
If you want to present a punchy press release, you should write sentences not longer than 25 words. The best tone is factual. Pay attention to punctuation and grammar mistakes. You can use numerous online tools to check the content and uniqueness of your content. Put eye-catching details in the very beginning to boost the interest and encourage journalists/readers to follow the story till the end.

Sending Your Press Releases

It is not easy to research the right audience. You should be ready to use different sources to achieve good results: local media, niche-based press, consumer and natural press. Most marketers send press releases via emails. Make sure your email subject speaks clearly of your intentions. Avoid attaching your press release, as it can be sent automatically to the spam folder.

Should You Include Photo Content In Press Releases?

It is a nice idea to include high-quality photos that match the subject of your press release. You can even compose a story, which appears as a photo with captions. It is an efficient way to spread your brand message across social media networks.

When choosing photo content, you should be creative.
Avoid using photos with big logos.
Use black and white photos carefully, as they may get negative emotions.

If you do not want to make your email with the press release too heavy, you can mention that photos are available on request. As we mentioned before, it can be risky to include attachments not to finish in the spam box. Do not forget to include a caption with photos.


Writing your first press release is not easy. There are many things to learn and pay attention to details. Never stop learning and polishing your writing/presentation skills. Your business will benefit a lot! Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social media platforms. It is the place where they check news, trends, and new tendencies. So the audience is enormous and you can’t miss it.

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