Learn to know about being welder

What is a welder? What work do you do?

A welder is a person who installs, maintains, manufactures sheet metal products and metal products. Work on metal structures, machines, etc. This welder can also be divided into two levels of steel welders as well, which are skilled technicians and technician level technicians.

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Craftsman Level – Will perform work on reading patterns. mechanical drawing It also works in the tooling section. Machines for processing, metal forming, installation work, welding structures, etc. 

Technician Level – Operate as a supervisor and work under the authority. Guidance and supervision of engineers or simply referred to as assistant engineer It also works on structural work. Engineering material inspection work welding test, etc.

What types of welders are there?

Did you know that welders are classified according to the equipment used in welding steel? and can be divided into 3 types as follows:

1. Steel welder: gas welding.

is the welding of parts of metal with a flame from oxyacetylene gas. or other gases The gas must be released evenly until the hot metal parts begin to melt. Then use molten metal from the welding platform to melt the parts together.

2. Steel welder: electric welding

It is to weld parts of metal with a type of welding equipment that is heated by electric current. By bringing the metal inserted into the fixing device. Remove the metal to weld the pendant on the desired part. Weld and lift to a small distance from the parts to create sparks.

3. Steel welder: welding by gas and electricity.

is to work in the manner of using both methods together. by welding parts of metal with oxyacetylene gas or other gases. together with welding using electric sparks

Skills needed to be a good welder

– Have a strong body There are no diseases that interfere with work.

– with exquisite detail

– have confidence Able to solve immediate problems and be responsible

– Have initiative and creativity

Precautions from a professional welder

Those who work as welders will need patience. Both the heat from the sound and from the smell of chemicals In the work should have their own safety to prevent accidents at work. Especially the eyes Operators should wear goggles during work to prevent sparks or metal splashes from entering their eyes.

Opportunity to have a job as a welder

At present, the demand for steel welders tends to decrease. Many entrepreneurs Business needs professional welders who have knowledge and abilities in other fields, such as knowledge and abilities in mechanical or engine, etc. For those who work as independent welders. may have to turn to develop skills and expertise and may have a career as a wrought iron worker gates, fences, or additional works of art.

Opportunity to advance in the profession of welder

If a professional welder has enough experience and knowledge will be able to be promoted to a supervisor in the line of work that is currently or can be admitted to higher education to obtain a higher vocational certificate. or even to study industrial education to graduate as a teacher

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