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Make a logo for a beauty salon

The beauty salon logo should be simple, easy to remember and, if possible, emphasize its individuality.A stylish and successful logo can significantly increase the memorability of your advertising materials, which means bringing more customers to your salon.

When choosing a sign, pay attention to its relevance. If the salon has a large range of services, then you should not choose a sign in the form of a hairstyle, otherwise you risk cutting off other directions that may be interesting. In this case, it is better to choose a font version of the logo, or to develop some abstract sign, a collective image without reference to services. And the services should be described additionally or reflected in the slogan.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the logo should:

1)Be readable and include as few small details as possible;

2) take into account the characteristics of the target audience;

3) it looks good in both large and small format.

A logo for a beauty salon can be beautiful and unique, memorable and creative, if at the same time the readability of the sign does not suffer celebrities net worth .

Each color evokes certain associations, and some shades are especially appropriate on the logo of a beauty salon.

Delicate green. Associated with naturalness. Suitable for salons that have focused on the environmental friendliness of the hair cosmetics used.

Lilac. It is associated with the sacrament of transformation and creativity. Shades of lilac can fit into sophisticated logos for luxury beauty salons.

Sea blue. A shade of calm confidence and purity. Reminds visitors that they adhere to the highest, practically medical standards of sanitation and hygiene.

Neon. Green, orange, yellow, purple and blue, luminous and bold, open up a zone of boundless creativity. All these shades are present in the logo of the Matrix hair cosmetics brand specializing in coloring. Consequently, a salon with creative colorists can also operate in the logo with the brightest colors and their combinations.

Black. Stylish and minimalistic, associated with high quality services and status. The optimal choice for business-class beauty salons, establishments with an emphatically brutal image that attract guests of both sexes, as well as for male barbershops of any price category.

White. Another color associated with the purity and perfection of appearance. It is not used independently, complements the logo as a background or image fill on a darker background.

Pink. Rhymes with “feminine” interiors in a non-classical style, evokes pleasant associations with the anticipation of a date. Bright and flashy shades of the palette may be perceived by your target audience as vulgar. Pay attention to the calm dusty rose, peach-pink, purple-pink and purple-pink.

Universal or family salons can draw ideas from fashion trends and use both minimalistic elements, strokes and strict black and white tones, as well as bright color combinations with more complex graphic theviralnew compositions.

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