Mbappe chose hundreds of millions of euros from PSG

At the level where people survive, the financial incentive works, because it allows you to maintain dignity. But for world-class professional athletes, money is such an abstraction as it is for the most famous billionaires. On the example of athletes, they saw when crazy contracts do not help, but harm their careers. Mbappe received a three-year contract from PSG, and Pérez informed the Real Madrid players in advance that Kylian had turned down a transfer he had dreamed of since childhood. We recommend you 22Bet bookmaker in Uganda as it’s really reliable.

PSG sheikhs hate Real Madrid and Perez so much after a series of conflicts that they offered Mbappe 100 million euros a year and 300 million euros for lifting. That’s six hundred million over three seasons. Even if you take into account the French taxes for the rich, there is a fortune left. However, we know in advance that this attempt to keep the player will not work. Messi performed splendidly when he had a huge salary. When the salary became inadequate, Barcelona was mired in debt, and Lionel met another relegation from the Champions League playoffs with a dull face.

The offer to be the “owner of the project” is nonsense

Mbappe is a young man, only 23 years old. At any age, you can hang “noodles on your ears”, but it is easier to manipulate a football player without life experience. Since Qatar needs friendship with France and Germany – they plan to sell their gas and oil to them, as they are already doing successfully in Asia, the sheikhs are ready even to make President Macron their negotiator. The re-elected politician called Mbappe, ran away to stay. Already at this moment, Kilian should have realized that the story was selfish.

Or did the Frenchman understand everything, but decided to use Real Madrid? This version also has the right to life. And in order to massage Kilian’s ego, they came up with a formula that a young man without education, a “draft horse” in sports since childhood, would become the “owner of the project” of PSG. We got to the point that Mbappe allegedly begins to approve the head coaches, directors and influence the transfer policy. Even if it’s a lie, the rumors will have consequences. Now all the failures of PSG will be blamed on Mbappe, as Messi was blamed for the defeat of Barcelona, ​​where he allegedly had a similar influence.

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