Morocco for Movement Writers

One of the first Moroccan movements was to create a literary journal, Souffles, to promote cultural renewal and social justice in the Maghreb. Founded in 1992, Souffles was an experiment in liberating the intellectual framework of the region. Published in English, Souffles is an important publication that promotes the rebirth of Moroccan culture. The magazine published articles on topics such as identity, sexuality, and migration.

Political newsletter

The first publication was the Souffles, a political magazine in Morocco, which featured essays, poetry, and political debate. It soon became the leading political newsletter in the country. The magazine became a textbook for a new generation of Moroccan poets, novelists, and intellectuals. It also served as a manifesto for a fledgling political movement. This article collection grew to become a leading Moroccan literary magazine, with articles from writers such as Mohamed Khair-Eddin, Mustafa Nissaboury, and Ayad El-Neghy.


Another important contribution to Moroccan culture was literature. Since the middle of the last century, thousands of writers have emerged in the country. Their work has played a vital role in the development of the artistic scene and the education of the country’s young people. However, the country lacks an institutional apparatus to integrate the arts into society. This lack of integration has led to a relatively low role for Moroccan art in the educational and social project of the country.

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