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Places to Decorate With Runner Rugs

A runner is a great way to divide two rooms that share the same floor plan. Using one to accent one space will help draw the eye from the other and highlight the decor of the other. A runner can also be used as a border between rooms that have a lot of open space. If you have an open concept living room and dining room, a runner can help draw the eye to the dining area while showcasing the living room’s design.

In A Dining Room

Choosing a dining room runner rug should be an important decision when decorating this space. The room is where your family and friends gather. If you’re going for a formal look, you can choose from Persian, Farmhouse, or Floral rugs. For a more modern look, you might consider a Southwestern or Bohemian rug. A rug with a soft texture will complement a coastal room.

A runner rug can make any dining room more attractive. If the color scheme is bright, a contrasting rug will tie everything together. Bright rugs, such as rainbow rugs, are a great way to tie the room together. Likewise, a darker rug can balance out a dark room. A light blue rug offsets dark walls without making the room feel too dark. If your dining room has chairs, you should choose a runner rug that matches their shape. A small rectangle rug can be placed underneath a round table.

In A Hallway

A hallway runner is an excellent way to bring motion into space. While a striped runner looks great in modern houses, floral patterned rugs work well in traditional homes. Choose a runner rug that complements the overall decor of the hallway. This will set the tone for the rest of the decor in the room. However, if you are unsure about which pattern or color to choose, you can look at some popular patterns that are popular with homeowners. You can add a boho hallway runner there which would give a cool and bohemian vibe to your hallway.

Hallway runners are long rectangular rugs that protect the flooring. They can also make a big impact on the design of a hallway, especially if the room is narrow. Be sure to pick a runner rug that matches the shape of the hallway and complements the architecture. Choose a runner rug in a color and style that complements the rest of the room, as well as the rest of the decor.

In A Bathroom

A runner rug can serve several purposes in the bathroom. A runner can be used as a walkway or to cover the thin floor space behind the sink or toilet. Its size will determine its practicality; choose a runner rug that is wide enough so that both of your feet will fall on it. If your bathroom is high-traffic, you can place a runner rug in front of the shower and sink.

A runner rug in a warm and organic color adds warmth to a bathroom. It protects from the damp conditions that the bathroom may experience. A dark-colored runner rug in the bathroom adds elegance to the room and evokes a spa experience. A runner rug is highly adaptable and easy to clean. Even if the bathroom is moist and damp, water won’t damage the texture. Wool rugs, in particular, are highly resistant to dust and liquid. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the rug is a quick and easy way to make sure that your runner rug stays looking great.

In A Bedroom

There are many places you can place a runner rug in a bedroom. You can place it at the foot of the bed or on either side. If you have a small bedroom, you can place it next to the bed. It can also be used as a front runner, as it can cover the entire length of the room and even a part of the wall. It also looks great under a bed and can also be placed on the sides of a bed.

When decorating a bedroom, the size of the runner rug is critical. Selecting the wrong size can create an unappealing look in the room. In a bedroom, a runner rug is the best choice. It can make the room more visually appealing and help connect rooms together. Runner rugs are a great way to absorb noise, especially from the heels of your shoes. Runners also add a pop of color, style, and personality to any room.

Also, while getting the rugs for the bedroom, consider the material and thickness of the rugs just the way you check the thickness of the mattress because bedroom rugs can be used by your pets as well as children.

In A Patio or Lanai

A runner rug is an excellent design choice for a long narrow patio or lanai. It is especially useful against furniture, adding coziness and color to the outdoor space. A runner rug can also be used to cover the entire length of French or sliding glass doors to keep excess dirt and sand out of the home. It is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

While most rugs are suitable for indoor use, it is important to choose an outdoor rug with weather-resistance qualities. If you plan to place the runner rug outdoors, you should choose one that is stain-resistant and can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. These rugs can be spot cleaned and are made from durable materials, including a latex backing and UV-resistant fabric. However, you should be aware that they do not last long outdoors, so you should choose a rug that is stain and weather-resistant. You must choose rugs the same way you choose bedsheets of different sizes and material.


If you are looking for a place to decorate with runner rugs, you should consider your entryway. Many people leave this area looking bare and drab. Runners can help make an entrance dramatic and help show off adjacent areas. You can add a rug to the top edge of a rectangular runner or place it in front of a sitting chair. There are countless places to put a runner rug!

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