Points you should know about car warranties in SA.

While buying a car, whether it be a new or a second hand, You will want to buy a car warranty. Knowing what your car warranty covers, how and when is it applicable, which parts of the car are covered is important. Having a thorough knowledge can save you from heavy expenses. A warranty is made for mechanical claims. A warranty plan covers claims relating to parts like spark plugs, fuel filter, oil change, air filter, oil filter during your yearly service.

Things you should know about mechanical warranties.

1. Carefully understand the terms and conditions.

Before buying a motor warranty the customer should carefully read the terms and conditions and go through each point carefully. This relates to the fact that a vehicle should be serviced within the first month or after it  has run 1000kms, whichever is first.

2. Inspect if the vehicle was due for service.

Always be aware of the free services and due service dates of your car. It is solely your responsibility to remember when the service is due and get it repaired. The salesperson is not responsible to inform you of your due services or bound to repair the car. After all, they are providing you a mechanical warranty. It’s your duty as a car owner.

3. Service intervals differ.

Service policies differ in each automobile, so read the terms and conditions well to protect your car warranty. Some policies require cars to be serviced every 10000 to 15000 km or a year, whichever comes first.

 4. The dealer might not cover the total amount.

If your car suffers a mechanical glitch, warranties are there to rescue. Your amount claimed for the part replaced and the cost of labor will be paid in full, or a reimbursement to the amount will be made. For example, If your vehicle suffers camshaft failure, a service that can sum up to R4000 means an agent will look at paying up to R4000, including the service cost. Or, the agent might make half contribution of R2000, and the owner pays the remaining. This is the reason extended warranty is recommended.

5. You can only claim for one occurrence at a time.

You can claim only for one repair at a time. For example you are claiming for a CV joint, you cannot claim for an airflow meter unless these are dependent on each other.

6. Diagnostics and Consumables are not covered.

Consumables and computer diagnostics are not covered and will be put to the customer’s account. However, when a diagnostic is runned, the maker requires the fault code to be submitted with the claim papers.

7. A warranty isn’t a maintenance policy.

A car warranty isn’t a maintenance policy. If you are looking for maintenance then you should buy a maintenance policy. Car warranty is an assurance during failures in mechanical parts of the automobile. If you are planning to claim the warranty before it ends as you have been paying for years, it is unethical and it won’t happen.

8. Your warranty could be inapplicable if you replace parts yourself.

Changing the oil of the car on your own, as you thought it would maintain your car and reduce the future costs. You are wrong. An authorized service company should perform this or your mechanical warranty could not be redeemed.

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