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As one of the most popular streaming services for television, Primewire is now a contested website. Many users have criticized the website for allowing malware to invade their computer, and some believe that it is responsible for identity theft. The fact is that Primewire is no longer active, but you can watch its content using other domains, which are called mirrors. These mirrors are a different server that provides the same content as PrimeWire.

The site began life as LetMeWatchThis and then changed its name to 1Channel, eventually becoming PrimeWire. It gained popularity among online streaming enthusiasts due to its easy-to-use interface and wide selection of entertainment. However, PrimeWire recently went offline after changing its DNS records to EuroDNS. It was then unreachable for a few days, but returned with malicious advertisements pointing to Pushplay, a phony website. PrimeWire has been around since 2014 and started as LetMeWatchThis. Then, it changed to 1Channel, and finally, it became PrimeWire. Despite this, it was a very popular website for online streaming enthusiasts. It had a very appealing design and a great selection of content. Unfortunately, in April 2020, it underwent a DNS change and was unable to be accessed. As a result, it temporarily went offline, and was replaced with a malicious ad directing users to Pushplay, which is a scam.

PrimeWire is a free streaming site that allows you to watch movies and TV shows without downloading them. Its catalog is very large, but the site does not have permission to broadcast everything. In some countries, this is considered illegal. It is best to visit one of the proxy sites listed below if you want to continue viewing content on Primewire. The ad-supported websites will provide you with the same quality as Primewire.


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