Rhinoplasty surgery materials and take care after surgery

After surgery, patients tend to hold their noses. If not taken good care of, it can cause blackheads or inflamed acne around the nose. Makes the face look even worse. After 1 month of surgery, you can scrub your nose. After 3 months, you can use a facial steamer to spray around the nose and use a cotton swab to press out the blackheads.

The reason why you have to pay attention to blackheads is because the nose is an organ that protrudes from the face, so it’s easy to get irritated. It is also the part that has the most sebaceous glands. The skin in this area is therefore more oily than other skin areas. How to get rid of pimples, you can go to a beauty salon or scrub your pimples yourself. Most importantly, blackheads must be removed while the skin is clean and non-irritating. May use a towel to clean the skin. and scrub the pimples out while washing your face. Choose a washcloth made from natural fibers to remove dead skin cells. Nose oil and pimples out without hurting the skin or causing irritation to sensitive and sensitive skin Egg whites may also be applied and lightly massaged on the nose, then rinsed with warm water. Egg whites have the property of separating water and oil. Thus helping to remove oil from the nose.

Types of rhinoplasty There are many different materials for surgery. By choosing the correct and suitable for yourself And sometimes it depends on your surgery budget. The details of the material to be used are divided as follows.

own tissue

cartilage septum wall The anterior cartilage of the left and right nostril septum is one of the best surgical materials from the human body. Because it has a smooth appearance, not convex, besides it can be used to enhance the tip of the nose. It can also be used as a nose post or to make the nose longer.

Genuine leather. Most of the leather is used around the stingray above the buttocks. give a soft touch But there is a limitation in making the nose beautiful or making it slender. Therefore, it is often used in corrective surgery.

Fat has fewer side effects than prosthetics. The bridge of the nose looks natural. Only the fat injected will be absorbed over time.

The cartilage behind the ear is quite soft. It is used in cases where the septal cartilage is insufficient.

Curved, so it can be used to enhance the tip of the nose.

rib cartilage The cartilage at the ends of the ribs can be used to augment the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, and the septal septum. But the shape may change over time.

The fascia is the tissue that surrounds the muscles. Works well for people with thin skin. But this may change over time.

Artificial organs are the use of durable materials instead of additives. The material of the prosthesis is divided into 4 things. It may sound like a lot. Because we will be familiar with silicone, gore-tex and what are the other 2 things, and each prosthesis is suitable for which case, today we will find out.

Silicone is the most commonly nobkin used surgical material. After surgery, the shape will not change or be absorbed. therefore suitable for use in rhinoplasty

Gore-Tex has a softer texture bhojpurihub than silicone. But the nose will collapse over time.

Medpor is made of artificial bone and has holes. The real bone can be inserted into this hole and become the bone of the nose.

Siitex, a 3rd generation prosthetic material that combines the advantages of silicone and gore-tex.

Fillers use an injection method.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. So it’s safe for the body even when absorbed. has water absorption properties making the skin firm

Collagen is extracted from animal proteins. May cause allergic reactions. therefore should test for allergic reactions first.

Calcium uses calcium and the minerals that make up the bones mainly. Most of them are used for rhinoplasty without having to test for skin allergy first.

It can be seen that the surgery on the prominent point of the face such as the nose has a lot of material. You should choose what suits you. Or consult a medical professional so that you can get the most beautiful nose that matches your face.

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