Robot Vacuum Cleaner History Foundation Study

The earliest robotic vacuum cleaner was created in the 1980s and was meant to be a toy. It featured large red eyes and a wand-like body that carried a dustpan and brush. The robot cleaned floors with its suction power, sensing edges and sucks up dust. The first robotic vacuums did not have much impact on household chores. However, as the technology developed, the devices became more sophisticated.

The first robotic vacuum

The first robotic vacuum was developed in the 1990s by the iRobot company. The company was originally dedicated to building robotic robots for military use. This invention gained widespread popularity after the launch of the Roomba, a commercially successful robotic vacuum. It was also a popular choice for the military and had a high failure rate. The Dyson robotic vac did not enter the mass production process until 2005, and its popularity has steadily declined.


Neato Robotics created the first robotic vacuum in 1996. It was the first consumer-grade robot to use a laser to map space and recognize obstacles. It also featured various communication systems and control functions. In 2005, the company released the Scooba, a scrubber that could scrub hard floors. These robots were developed based on the technology developed by Neato. The Scooba and Roomba were the first commercially available robotic vacuums.

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