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SMS Showcasing – A Few Huge Tips That Will Further Develop Your SMS Showcasing

SMS showcasing is a great tool for interacting with your community and making sales. With the right strategies, you can drive customers to your website or buy your product. A few tips include defining the content that you want to share with your customers and using a call-to-action to encourage them to interact. By incorporating the call-to-action, you can improve the retention of your subscribers and drive online purchases.

Find the best time to send SMS messages

The best time to send SMS messages is when the consumer is likely to check their phone. For general marketing messages, send them mid-morning or late afternoon. For time-sensitive messages, send them the day before the sale, two days before, and the day of the sale. use high volume weeks If you’re trying to build ROI, send your messages at different times of the day and week.


If you’re sending a message that is intended to promote a specific product or service, send it to those customers with similar interests. Typically, this type of message is triggered by a sale. In this case, send it to those customers at the same time as a promotional offer. For a general marketing message, try to send it mid-morning or early afternoon. For a time-sensitive message, send it the day before the sale. You can follow up with an email later, letting them know that they can opt-out at any time.

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