Software As a Service (SaaS) Solution to Keep Track of Social Media

If you are looking for a software as a service (SaaS) solution to keep track of social media, Meltwater has the answer for you. The company is the world’s first online media monitoring service and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Rajabandot. Its mission is to empower brands to create better customer experiences through proactive content monitoring.

Meltwater enables users to stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, social media, and blog conversations. The most popular segment of users is Nonprofit Organization Management, which accounts for more than a quarter of the company’s total revenue key4d. The software is used by businesses in the United States, Norway, Australia, and Denmark.

The Meltwater platform offers customizable dashboards for measuring marketing success and brand reception waslot. It also lets users track media coverage, calculate ROI, and compare performance data against competitors. A unique drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to search for brand mentions, influencers, and market-related themes. Additionally, Meltwater allows users to track team activities and measure the efficiency of their business.

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