Some Great Ways To Invest In Medical Marijuanas In Australia

Like it or not, medicinal marijuanas in Australia are here to stay – and while it has had a rocky road to getting to this point – the future is looking bright for the industry. With more support than ever before by the Australian public, as well as some crucial studies that are being conducted in the hopes of bringing more legitimacy to medicinal marijuanas in Australia, and hopefully, allow it to be considered more of a mainstream medication option for sufferers of certain ailments.

As the stigma relaxes more and more, there are a number of opportunities for those who wish to have a little skin in the game to do so – whether it be investing on the ASX into companies that are involved with medicinal marijuanas in Australia, or simply by voicing support.

This article will cover a few of the reasons and ways to go about investing into medicinal marijuanas in Australia.

Note: This article is written as speculatory and should not be considered financial advice.

Medicinal Marijuanas In Australia On The ASX

There are more than 40 cannabis-based companies on the ASX, with many more being added with every passing year since the legislation of medicinal marijuanas in Australia back in 2016. Some companies were formed in response to the legalisation in the country, while others have gerrymandered their way into the industry in a more ancillary context meaning that they are involved in some form with the industry or have a strong base of cannabis-based clients.

While each company is its own unique animal, they generally can be categorised as follows:

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnologies

Still a riskier venture for new companies in the space, the companies that encompass medicinal marijuanas in Australia in this category are focused primarily on creating drugs and walking them through professional trials.

One notable example of this would be Incannex (IHL).

Hemp & Fibres

Hemp itself is a specific strain of cannabis that is primarily used for the production of clothing and material fibres which are inherently strong. As far as ASX success stories, this category seems to have the more assured results in terms of success rates on the ASX, possibly due to the less-controversial use of the plant.

One notable example of this would be Australian Primary Hemp (APH).


Companies whose primary directive is the growing of cannabis plants to be shipped to other relevant companies.

One notable example of this would be Little Green Pharma (LGP).

So, Why Are People Investing?

This is the question on everyone’s mind as they read this. A lot of investors have speculated that the legalisation of medicinal marijuanas in Australia back in 2016 was a signpost of positive change in the industry that has seen great success in other countries that had made the same leap taylorsource.

Many companies that are listed on the ASX that are related to medicinal marijuanas in Australia are still quite young, as the industry begins to take shape and move into more and more legitimacy – some of these companies will hopefully begin building themselves up to be the empires they deserve to be.

However, like with everything, time will ultimately tell.

Ways To Invest

There are a number of ways to invest in the companies that are involved with medicinal marijuanas in Australia. Luckily, we have a number of modern online platforms that allow everyday consumers like you to invest in whatever company you want to with relative ease. Going with a major bank or one of the top investment apps will typically suffice naukri24pk.

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