The benefits of hemp, an economic crop that the people can apply for permission to plant

All sectors, including farmers, the public, the private, and the general public, are allowed to apply for permission to grow hemp in Thailand, which is not illegal, for commercial, medical, and research purposes. Use according to the way of life, tradition, culture, or produce seeds certified by the FDA to promote hemp as a national economic crop. They are allowing farmers to earn income from hemp cultivation. Citizens and CBD shop owners can apply for permission to use hemp raw materials to process and produce health products such as medicines, herbal products, food, skin care products. or cosmetics for domestic use and export for commercial use to create the country’s economic value.

How to get permission to plant Kangchong

Cultivation of kangchong is legal but requires permission from the FDA before it can be planted. Including the purpose of producing what to know. They are beautifully cultivated as a houseplant for beauty. It is not allowed and is illegal. So if anyone maintains the rules and opens a CBD shop, then it will be a legal shop.

Requesting permission to prepare documents as specified by the FDA and submit the documents

  • If the planting place is in Bangkok To, apply to the FDA.
  • In the province, To apply to the horror.
  • Importing hemp seeds To apply to the FDA.

Under this ministerial regulation, one can apply for permission to export hemp, and within five years from the date, this ministerial regulation comes into force.

What can hemp do?

  • Inflorescences are used in modern medicine or Thai traditional medicine.
  • Hemp seeds, oils, and extracts are used in cooking and cosmetics.
  • True leaves and propellers are used as herbs, food, and cosmetics.
  • The bark, stem, and fibers make cosmetics, body scrubs, soaps, and shampoos.
  • CBD extract and THC not more than 0.2%, used to make cosmeceuticals, External herbs, medicines, dietary supplements
  • Branches: herbal products, cosmetics
  • Root: Cosmetics

Hemp vs. Marijuana what’s the difference

Hemp is similar to Marijuana but has many landmarks. Currently, cannabis cannot be grown in homes. But can request to grow hemp to increase income for the household or as a supplementary occupation. There are many valuable parts. Mainly both are legal in the case of medicine, cosmetics, and others but not for use as DRUGS.

Hemp and hemp The origin of both plants are from the same Cannabis sativa L., but different species. And can be used for certain benefits differently.

While the main active ingredient of hemp is not THC, it is CBD (Cannabidiol), which, if consumed, is not as euphoric as cannabis; it is primarily extracted for medicinal benefits such as pain relief to help combat the symptoms of epilepsy. Anyone can buy CBD products from a CBD shop in a legal procedure.

On December 15, 2020, the marijuana portion was unlocked. And cannabis can be used without being classified as a drug except for inflorescences and cannabis seeds. It is still not open to drugs because, according to the International Drug Convention, it is still regulated as a drug. But it can be used for medical purposes. However, the key to unlocking drug addiction is

  1. Leaves note attached to inflorescences, bark, stems, fibers, branches, stems, or roots are not drugs.
  2. Hemp seeds, oil, extracts, hemp seeds
  3. CBD extract and THC content must not exceed 2%.

Deputy Secretary Said on February 2, 2021; the FDA will organize an online training to educate about hemp. In-law Applying for a permit relating to hemp and obtaining permission for health products from hemp.

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