The Benefits Of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms in the world. In 2022, the number of active users of the messenger reached 2 billion people per month. This marketing channel is indispensable for companies that want to build long-term relationships with audiences worldwide and increase loyalty.

For example, in India businesslognews, about 340 million people use WhatsApp every month, and in Brazil, almost 100 million. However, this messenger is also excellent for advertising campaigns in the Russian and US markets. Let’s explore several benefits of using WhatsApp marketing. 

Strong customer relationships

More than 55% of people feel a stronger connection with a brand if they use a messenger newmags. This factor makes WhatsApp marketing a powerful tool for building long-lasting customer relationships. This capability helps brands cut costs, as customer retention costs 5 to 25 times less than acquisition.

WhatsApp provides businesses with a wide range of personalization options. For example, you can send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday greetings, and more, whether you have a fast food business or something else. This motivates customers to communicate more actively with the brand. Approximately 70% of users say they only interact with personalized marketing messages.

High conversion rate

Choosing a channel for the first communication with customers is critical. For example, email and social media campaigns cause less negativity than time-consuming phone calls. Therefore, more and more companies choose messengers for communication.

With WhatsApp and WhatsApp bot, you can notify potential customers of arrivals or discounts and encourage them to buy. Companies report that 40% of WhatsApp messages are answered by users.

Moreover, messaging helps increase conversions. Sending relevant messages after the first contact with a potential client can increase your conversion rate by 112.6%. However, WhatsApp marketing is one of many ways to achieve results irtdaily.

More sales

Whatsapp marketing allows you to drive sales. 

To have this, add a WhatsApp phone number to your website. 

This simple step can increase your sales by 27%. Even business analytics show that this is an effective tool for business. 

Connecting with a brand through a messenger or app increases trust. Approximately 66% of customers are more inclined to buy products from a company actively involved in text messaging.

Also, you can consider WhatsApp a separate sales channel for your business. This is due to the growing trend to buy goods through instant messengers. Approximately 60% of consumers assume that they will use instant messengers for purchases more often in the future.


The effectiveness of each marketing channel directly depends on the quality of the strategy. Every success comes from a good plan. A step-by-step plan allows you to identify the tools to achieve your goals and prioritize tasks. A well-thought-out strategy helps to foresee risks, assess the company’s capabilities artdailynewsonline, and take timely measures if you need to adapt quickly to market requirements. Explore tips to help you develop your WhatsApp marketing strategy and achieve the desired results. So, start to plan your WhatsApp marketing strategy today!

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