The Set of Rules and Legislation in Italy for Gambling

A new survey shows that Italians spend an average of 132 euros on gambling each month. This is an increase of about 8% from 1998 to 2016.  The peninsula is the first place to link gambling losses to GDP, which is a bad thing (GDP). From the 96.1 billion euros in “irrecoverable losses,” the state gets 10.5 billion euros, and the management companies get 9 billion euros. The rest of the money is used to make money.

The inside story

Even though the US and UK spend more per person, this $19.5 billion is 0.85% of the GDP, while the US and UK only spend 0.78 and 0.75 respectively. “Many cities and towns, worried about the social effects of the economy, asked for this investigation.”

Since gambling is a business that involves many different fields, the situation is complicated. Unofficial estimates say that hundreds of thousands of Italians are addicted to gambling. Still, official numbers show that only 24,000 of the country’s residents seek help from organizations that help people with gambling problems.

Italy’s government has taken several steps to fight this evil, such as limiting the number and hours that gambling halls can be open and putting in “alarm calls,” like a clock that tells the player how long they’ve been playing, to keep them from going too far.

Also, National Anti-Mafia Attorney Giovanni Russo told Corriere Della Sera that the mafia is always interested in this area because there is “huge money” there. But when it comes to online gaming, the European Parliament has passed a resolution that says it’s okay for member states to pass laws that protect players. Italy is one of the founding members of the European Union. It has always prioritized regulating gambling and making sure its residents and visitors are safe. In the United States, there are three main types of laws that protect people: federal laws, regional laws, and local ordinances for games like BobCasino login.

State, regional, and local governments put a lot of effort into regulating land-based and online gambling. Italian lawmakers are most worried about how gambling hurts people’s mental, physical, and financial health. it’s essential to keep an eye out for fraud, which is easy to do on the Internet. Lastly, protecting minors, which shouldn’t be allowed in real or online casinos, is a legal requirement from EU directives. In this way, the law says that online gaming sites must have personal profiles so that kids under 18 can’t play. Italian law makes a clear difference between legal and illegal games most of the time. People like these are held to a higher standard of behavior and need special permissions or breaks to do certain things. The Agency for Customs and Monopolies enforces the 2005 law that says online gaming sites without the proper licenses have to close down. Also, a law decree from 2011 strengthens the rules about gambling by raising fines and ensuring that the activity stops or is even banned if there are three violations in three years. In the same clause, there are also new limits on concession requirements, which are meant to stop the rise of tax evasion and money laundering.


Another essential rule from 2009 is that all gambling sites must put up a sign saying that gambling by minors is not allowed. Also needed is a “gaming account,” which requires both a tax code and a valid form of identification. In 2010, the training requirements were made stricter, and in 2012, it became illegal to advertise gambling on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, plays, and the Internet.

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