The hospital bed is also known as an adjustable, zero gravity or electric bed; it is a bed that comes with various hinges that allow it to be tilted at different angles. Once used primarily in hospitals, the electric bed is now common in many homes. The bed’s surface can generally be controlled by a manual or electric crank to raise the lower body, upper body, or both to create a weightless effect. Also, you can choose between three types of a hospital bed Brampton, the fully electric bed, the semi-electric bed or the manual bed.

Why You Need a Bed for Seniors?

An electric bed is no longer the classic hospital bed that seems sterile and uncomfortable. If your current bed is not as comfortable and you have trouble getting in and out of it, you may need an electric bed. Most hospital beds are adjusted electrically and mechanically, making them easy and comfortable to use. They allow you to tilt, lift, lower and raise the bed in all kinds of settings for better health and comfort results. If you have mobility and balance difficulties, the hospital bed can be raised or lowered whenever you need to get up and down. This makes wheelchairs and walkers easier to access without much pain and discomfort. You may also need an electric bed if you have trouble sleeping on flat mattresses. Renting an hospital bed is great if you are a caregiver because you can control the bed’s position and not have to work in unhealthy positions for your back. As a caregiver, you don’t have to stop and bend over to help, making caregiving easier. Electric beds are mobile and small, making them easy to care for loved ones than a larger hospital bed. Electric beds are equipped with casters that make it easy to move your loved one from one room to another. Adjustable beds are easily customized so you can add conveniences like bed rails, tabletops, and even conveniences like USB to make it easy to care for your loved one.

What are The Benefits of Hospital Bed? Pain Relief:

Adjustable beds are perfect for people with arthritis, neck pain, cramps, and shoulder problems. Since they can be adjusted to any position, you can find the best position to relieve spinal pain, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative pain disorders and conditions. You can also relieve pressure pain and leg swelling by elevating your legs.

Comfortable more than Normal Bed:

With the ability to recline in all kinds of positions, you can tilt, lower, raise the bottom and top of the bed, or both to make it comfortable for whatever you need. All of this can be done without getting out of bed, as most electric beds have remote controls or buttons to start the engine.


With an electric bed, you can sit on the bed and recline it at any comfortable angle. It makes eating breakfast in bed, breastfeeding, typing on your laptop, reading a book, playing video games, watching TV, and getting out of bed easier than in a regular bed.

More Intimacy:

It’s easier to be more intimate with your partner because conversations are easier with a reclining bed. You can also try different positions without having to resort to pillows and the like. It makes your bedroom life more interesting and could strengthen your relationship.


Most electric beds have independent control of each half of the bed. Usually, the beds will be divided so that you can lower or raise one side without disturbing the other person next to you. A person may like to sleep at 12 degrees while her partner prefers at 20 degrees. With an electric bed, you can choose the angle of inclination you want for your side of the bed.

Less Maintenance:

Unlike other therapeutic beds, there is no need to grease, changing the water, or pumping air. You can easily assemble the bed and, using a remote control, choose the configuration you like the most and then sleep, read or relax comfortably.


Modern electric beds can accommodate accessories like USB chargers for tablets and phones. These can be perfect if you intend to work from bed or watch a movie on the iPad or your smartphone. They are also great for seniors who may need their phone close by for important notifications like when to take medicine or their water.

 Eliminate Snoring:

Most snoring is caused by the closing of the windpipe due to the neck’s weight when sleeping. With an electric bed, much of the weight is off your windpipe so you can breathe easier and not disturb your partner with snoring.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Hospital Bed?

Most health insurance companies will cover an electric bed cost as long as it meets these criteria. The main criteria you must meet to be eligible for medical device coverage for your loved ones is that it must be durable medical equipment or home medical equipment necessary to relieve or treat a problem. Most patients with conditions such as arthritis, cramps, neck and shoulder pain, or any other painful condition must meet the criterion and be eligible for insurance coverage. However, different insurance companies have different policies, and you should check with your insurance company to determine if the cost of an electric bed is included.

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