Top 3 Beautiful Places to Visit While in Dubai

It is time to visit Dubai, a city that evolved rapidly from an isolated desert emirate to the leading, most developed global city we see today. Dubai is a must-see destination for every tourist around the world. It is in Dubai where you will find all the impressive features, buildings, and architecture you have never imagined to exist.

The most outstanding landmarks are the tallest building in the world, artificial islands on which the most impressive hotels stand, free sunshine, and complete family fun, among many other features. Unsure of where to visit in Dubai? Read below to discover the top 5 places to visit in Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa

Your sightseeing in Dubai is not complete before visiting the building that symbolizes this impressive city more than any other. You can’t miss seeing Burj Khalifa, the tallest freestanding structure in the world. The structure is rising to an almost hard–to–believed height of 829.8m.

Make sure you visit the observation (‘at the top’) deck on floor 124 to have breathtaking panoramic views. The observation deck is a multimedia experience with full details of constructors’ difficulties.

The Al Ittihad Park

It is a tranquil park spread across 1.1 million square feet in Palm Jumeirah. ‘Ittihad’ is an Arabic word that, in English, translates to “union.” The Park was constructed with the major aim of signifying the ethos of harmonious coexistence.

The stunning range of plants and trees is the most iconic feature of AI Ittihad Park Dubai. Find this Park adjacent to the Golden Mile Galleria Mall. The Park provides residents with a place to spend their leisure time; for instance, it is in proximity to Golden Mile apartments and apartments at the Shoreline complex.

The Attractions to Expect at AI Ittihad Park Palm Jumeirah

  • Jogging Track
  • Different plant species
  • Great place for kids
  • Shopping areas
  • Dining options
  • Access to Monorail

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is among the largest strip malls in the world. It attracts over 75,000 guests every month. Some of the iconic features of the mall are the Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo. The Dubai Ice Rink in the mall also falls among the top 10 most attractive places to visit.

The Ice Rink majorly operates by the mechanism of refrigeration plant innovation, making it a brilliant and wonderful palace to pitch a vacation. The Rink can also host formal international events because of its Olympic- size.

Other special features of the Dubai Mall include Kidzania, the children’s edutainment complex, and a massive indoor cinema complex. The mall has four floors and 502,000 sq. meters of total retail floor.


Ask anyone about Dubai and hear them mention the above three places. The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and the AI Ittihad Park are the three most beautiful and impressive places to visit in Dubai. The three places give tourists satisfaction in visiting Dubai. Please book your ticket now to Dubai and get the experience at a personal level. Enjoy!

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