Top Reasons to Include Giant Inflatable in Your Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy

Regardless of whether your business is big or small, the competition is bound to be intense, and you need to find every opportunity to build brand visibility. Print and TV, while unaffordable for most businesses, do not address the need for local and on-site advertising to draw traffic into the store. Conventional outdoor signs and billboards also face a lot of completion for attention, and it can be difficult for them to get noticed. A giant inflatable is a great device to cut through the clutter, attract eyeballs, and drive footfalls effectively. Some of the most compelling reasons for your business to invest in a giant inflatable:

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Increased Visibility

Because outdoor signage is effective and affordable, most businesses use them a lot. According to Free York, inflatables can help boost business visibility. However, while they are easy and cheap to install, most people tend to ignore them unless they are specifically looking out for your business. Many signs get lost in the clutter, and people, otherwise engrossed or distracted in other activities fail to notice the signs. A large inflatable towers over pretty much everything in its proximity, and there’s no way people can avoid looking at it. Some models that incorporate motion are even more effective in attracting eyeballs.

High Memorability 

Because you see far fewer giant inflatables, you tend to remember them more and in better detail than any other type of outdoor advertising. Using a giant waving man inflatable is invaluable for businesses trying to boost brand visibility and drive footfalls. It is also a fun way of announcing special offers, new product launches, upcoming events, etc. Investing in a giant inflatable is one of the most effective methods of building brand equity in a fiercely competitive world. Most suppliers of giant inflatables will be happy to offer you models that look great in your brand colors for better impact, engagement, and memorability.

High Portability 

Convention outdoor signage is static and fixed to a particular place until you hire professionals to take them down and install them elsewhere. You can easily move inflatables, even when they are large, to other places. All you need to do is deflate the inflatable, fold it, and carry it in the trunk of your car to wherever you want to display it or take it back to your place of business and store it away after cleaning and drying it. The next time you want to create a sensation at a road show, a fun fair, or an outdoor event, you need to carry it to the desired place and inflate it to impress and engage the people.


While a giant inflatable has a huge presence outdoors, it is easy to fold and store without taking up a lot of space. If you buy a good quality inflatable, you can be sure it will stand up to repeated use and last for several years with minimal care. For the impact it can generate, inflatables are affordable and permit even businesses with limited budgets to use them for the best value for their marketing dollars.

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