Understand the order of rust proof primers

If you want to sort the quality of primer paint, rust proof in the construction of a house or various steel structures can be sorted as follows:

Thin texture, low price, less durability, suitable for steel inside the building

Thick texture, semi-gloss paint, moderate price, high durability, good adhesion to metal surfaces. suitable for address steel Indoors and outdoors, weather conditions, general

medium thick High durability, good adhesion to metal surfaces, for foundation and topcoat of galvanic steel. Nice and rust proof both new and old iron. Suitable for indoor and outdoor steel, moderately severe weather conditions.

Note : house building organization It is a notable organization in the home structure business for quite a while. We have in excess of 5000 houses worked in Thailand.

The color is a very thick, semi-glossy color, high price, highest durability. Adheres to old metal surfaces and stops rusting immediately. For primers to prevent rust, both new and old steel. Suitable for steel indoors and outdoors, moderate to high climate conditions, such as near the coast.

 Type 1-3 colors are popular. Because it is cheap and can be purchased at general material stores.

The fourth color is less popular because it is difficult to find and expensive. The technician is not familiar with using it.

Added in case of needing quality anti-rust paint for black steel work.

Industrial standard for rust-proof primer, TIS. 2387-2555

Quick-drying anti-rust primer Reduce working time, convenient to use, prevent rust. Suitable for all types of work, whether it is wood work, metal work, both outside and inside the building, helping to increase adhesion between anti-rust surfaces.

Does not cause the topcoat to peel off Made from Alkyd synthetic resin, passed TIS 2387-2555 standard, price 390 baht per gallon and must use paint thinner No. 21 mix only. Thinner AAA can’t be dissolved.

Industrial standard for rust-proof primer TIS 2386-2555

Must be mixed with zinc phosphate rust preventive powder. High quality of rust resistance and adhesion. Safe, does not contain heavy metals. Guarantee your confidence with TIS standards 2386-2555, price 900 baht per gallon. Rust proof that has passed TIS standard will be more durable than non-TIS standard rust proof paint.

The tools for rust-proof coating work include paint brushes, spray guns, air pump hoses, air pumps, and rust-proof painted rails.

Anti-rust coating method is popular at the level of technician’s work, which is painting, spray painting, and color plating. Each method has Different advantages and limitations as follows.

1 Anti-rust paint with 8-10 inch rollers. Anti-rust coating is the most popular. Because the procedure is less complicated Save the budget by having the preliminary steps as follows. Bring the steel together. Dip the rollers in a bucket of rust-proof paint mixed with thinner at an appropriate rate. Roll the paint up and down all over. When dry, turn over the iron. Roll until all 4 sides

The advantage is time saving. budget color coating fast Slightly rust-proof paint The paint on the coating surface is of a good thickness. pretty smooth, pretty good

***Suitable for limited space color does not diffuse Do not disturb neighboring houses

Restrictions: Slow drying, stains and stains. The application of C steel will not be thorough.

In the case of steel boxes, they cannot be painted inside. must use the method of welding the steel plate to cover the end of the box steel

2 anti-rust paint spraying with an electric air pump It’s a rather cumbersome way to Prepare equipment Because it uses many devices such as spray guns, wind, electric air pump, electrical plug, etc.

Pros: The most beautiful color The color can penetrate the inner corners, suitable for those that cannot be applied. Inside the C steel or surface display material Save time working with larger quantities due to quick drying. Than paint without wasting rust paint but use thinner more in quantity, 1 part color, 2 parts thinner

Restriction The paint film is thinner than the paint rolling. There must be a spray area. that does not disturb the surrounding area may need a canvas to prevent the dispersion of paint mist The spray gun has a short service life and must always be replaced, such as the problem of clogged nozzles. The paint leaks from the rubber ball, deteriorating.

3 Anti-rust paint plating Suitable for many rust-proof coating applications. because you have to put full color in the color plated pickup tank Related equipment, painted pickup trucks, most of which are self-assembled. Steel hook for plating, anti-rust paint and paint thinner. It will be a large building that uses a lot of steel, such as a steel frame warehouse, canteen, or a house building company that is a large house.

Advantages: Very fast plating The most durable because the color can go into inner iron box Can be coated both outside and inside

Restriction: Each plating requires a large amount of plating, suitable thinner should be mixed. so that the painted workpiece is not too thin and too thick. Waste of rust-proof paint and 2 times thinner than the body. The plated steel has a problem of fading, pigmented, difficult to scrub off, not suitable for steel show structures.

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