Virtual VS Physical Classrooms: Why Online Education is flourishing in the United States

With the advent of technological inventions in education, the educational landscape has changed dramatically. From the evolution of Artificial Intelligence to make use of machine learning programs, the educational sector has started expanding with the use of technology. With the help of this modern technology, the spread of education in rural areas became possible. However, the educational system showing a lack of adopting the technological changes faces the traditional issues hurting their revenue and objectives.

Technology has revolutionized learning standards dramatically. From online sessions to remote studying, lecture rooms and seminars are no longer the only habitats for learning. However, still, some of the educational sectors prefer teaching students traditionally.

The idea to stick with the traditional method of education revolves around the impact of education on the minds of students. If you are someone who believes that the online education or use of technology is harmful or has minimum to zero impact of students than the stats below will help you think the other way:

  • According to the Research and Marketers e-learning will project with up to $325 Billion revenue by 2025.
  • In 2016, 6.3 million students in the United States included at least one online course in their educational programs.
  • 77% of US corporations have enabled online learning in 2017. However, 98% have planned to incorporate this modern education planning in their programs by the end of 2020.
  • For organizations, E-learning has to lead to an increase in income by 42%.

These were just some of the stats to show that online learning, also called e-learning, is a widely growing phenomenon globally.

Mostly the undergraduates and postgraduates prefer online education. Having the opportunities to study online for their master’s degree brings many benefits to the students. So without further ado let us dig into why online education is beneficial for students in 2020.

Online Education Limits Mobility

One of the biggest reasons why people around the globe, especially in the United States, have started given importance to online education is because of its affable nature. Previously, when online education was not that common students had to travel from one country to another to pursue their degree in higher education from a reputable university. Not only did it harm their comfort ability of studying in their homeland it also caused a good amount of dollars because of traveling.

With online education, students have an option to pursue higher education degree programs from anywhere. All they need is a probable device such as a tablet or laptop and high-speed internet, one like Spectrum Internet Charlotte.

A stable internet connection like Cox Communication gives the students opportunities to select adequate internet bundles as per their budget. The company provides many internet bundles to deliver reliable internet service with a high-speed internet connection to make sure nothing bugs you while pursuing your dream education.

Online degree programs help students in keeping their social life intact while pursuing their high education degree programs. For instance, students can travel to wherever they want without having their education crippled. This is because online education program does not require them to be at their home all the time. Therefore, they can study at any place at any time.

Online Education Helps You Become in charge of Your Schedule

Unlike on-campus courses where students have to strictly follow the schedule provided by the campus, online education helps them select or customize their scheduling as per their availability. Whether you want early morning courses or you want to enroll in evening programs, online education favors all.

This option in online education helps students in pursuing their career whilst enrolling in higher degree programs. A student who does morning shift job will not be able to pursue an education in on-campus courses where he/she has to follow the campus schedule. However, a person who chooses to take studying and job side by side should enroll in online education as it gives them the advantage to study before or after completing their working hours.

Other than, this distant learning helps you in studying as per your sleeping routine. If you are a night owl who just cannot wake up early and run to campus, online education helps you deal with that as well.

Online Education Increases Ability to Concrete

Just as working from home increases employees’ productivity, found out by a 2-year Stanford study, distant learning helps in increasing student’s ability to concentrate more. This is because online education helps nurture the shy and less confident students in becoming more concentrated in their studies rather than focusing on winning a battle between social anxiety and studying.

Students who face social anxiety, because of which they harm their academic performance, concentrate better through online education. The educator, Jerry Bulmengarten also believes that the use of technology gives the quietest student a voice. This is because the less formal setting helps a shy person to communicate better with the instructor, which is difficult for them to do in physical classrooms.

Key Takeaways

Contrary to the common perspective that physical classrooms are better than virtual classrooms, we have built up a write up that jots down the reasons while distant learning improves a student’s capability to focus more on his/her academics. Apart from this online education helps students pursue their careers while studying and limits their mobility to help them save plenty of dollars.

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