What is the Best City to Resign in?

The Arizona Legislature has a strict rule on resigning employees. Unless you’re facing a death or retirement, you can’t resign. However, you can request for a resignation letter from your employer. If you’ve worked for the company for years, you may have earned benefits that you’d otherwise be unable to get. Moreover, you can ask your employer to reinstate you if the termination was unjustified.

The most common day

The last day of employment is the most common day to resign. This is the most appropriate time because the statute of limitations starts to run on the day of resignation. Moreover, Arizona employees are allowed to resign after two weeks from their start date. In case of an untimely resignation, the law requires you to give a written notice of resignation.


If you’ve resigned involuntarily, you should contact an employment lawyer. He can advise you on the best way to resign from your job. The law will depend on your circumstances, so you should consult an employment attorney before deciding to quit. The law also depends on the environment that you are in. The best person to approach for advice is an employment lawyer.

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