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What is the best way to prevent pest infestation?

Your home is where you find comfort, shelter, joy, and peace of mind. It is normal if you don’t want your dwelling place to become a breeding ground for pests. However, you’d find them in various shapes and sizes, from tiny ants to disgusting roaches to troublesome rodents. One characteristic peculiar to pests is their search for shelter and food.

All pests do whatever they can (in different ways) to get food, including invading homes. So the best bet against pests is to keep your home clean and tidy. But if your house has already been infested, you might need the help of a professional pest control service.

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Preventive Measures For Pest Infestation

1. Fix Any Exterior Holes Upon Notice

If there are no entry points for pests, you’ll hardly have any problems with them. An active preventive measure is to run a regular check within and without your house to see if there are any entry points for pests. And if you discover any holes or cracks it is better to seal them off as quickly as possible. Apart from keeping pests away, it will also help save holes from expanding.

2. Prompt Refuse Disposal

If you don’t know, your trash is more like a king’s banquet for pests and they will gladly do anything they can to get it. So you ought to know how and when to dispose of your trash without sending an invite to pests.

For instance: If you observe a daily cleaning routine (which is best), ensure to always take trash away from your house at each day’s ending. Also, if your trash containers are open, it’s better advised to get trash containers with good lids. But if you observe a weekly trash-cleaning routine, ensure that large trash cans are kept in the garage or outside to reduce the risk of pests gaining access to your home’s living space.

3. Do A Deep Clean

One sure way to locate pests and their hideout is to do a deep home clean. When you mop, wipe and vacuum down every little corner of your home, you are close to exterminating pests or any source that could send an invite to or be a breeding ground for pests.

4. Keep Food Stuff Properly

Generally, pests have good senses in diverse forms for foraging and locating food sources. Assuming you’ve kept something safe, you’ll discover later that ants have somehow managed to locate the secretly kept item. This is because an ant’s odor receptor is about five times greater than most insects. As such, it is imperative to use containers with tight-fitting lids to store food items. That way, it’ll be hard for pests to locate and smell the food items from a distance.

5. Thoroughly Clean Your Exterior

As you take preventive steps to fight against pests within your house, you mustn’t forget to work on your exterior too. You should ensure to trim the grass in the environment, clean the gutters and remove wood piles. These and many more could be helpful in the fight against pests. If you focus much on the interior while neglecting the exterior, pests will soon find their way back into your house one way or the other.


Most pests may be harmless to humans and are only looking for means of survival. However, their existence within your property or home can be detrimental. Do not hesitate to get in touch with professional pest control services if need be.

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