What Principles Entrepreneurs Adhere to in Everyday Life: Top 5 Rules for Business and Daily Life

We are used to successful businessmen and financiers teaching us how to build a business and make money. But each of them is first and foremost a person who lives from his inner feelings and thoughts. Here are 5 life tips from entrepreneurs – those admired in childhood and inspired in adulthood.

Improvisation Isn’t a Difficult Trick; Anyone Can Do It

In life, it’s important to improvise. As one grows older, it’s as if one loses this openness to the development of life, wanting everything to move according to plan, predictably.

The more often we improvise, the better prepared we will be for unexpected events and able to react to them correctly. The world is constantly changing, and the ability to improvise is the key to avoid becoming trapped in familiar scenarios.

Age Is Really a State of Mind

Age is one of the conventions that limit us. The phrase “I’ve grown out of it” is scary because you’re putting another frame on yourself. It’s not a working pattern at all when advances in technology require us to get involved in seemingly far-flung things.

The less we frame ourselves in our own age, the easier and freer we live. Live how you feel, not how you should feel according to your age. For example, if others tell you that betting via 22Bet Ethiopia is only for college students but you are 35 years old, don’t deny this entertainment. Scrooge McDuck is an explorer by nature and always ready to learn something new, despite his age. He knows several languages and has an extensive library. If TikTok were to appear in McDuck’s reality, he’d probably figure it out (and probably figure out how to make money from it).

The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is an Investment in Yourself

Self-development is a necessity for a world in which things change quickly. By investing in yourself, you are more likely and faster to find what you want, and most importantly, you are unlikely to ever lose it, because it will stay with you forever. It’s never too late to start something you’ve thought about more than once but haven’t dared – especially now that educational technology is going through its meteoric rise. There are many examples of marketers, journalists, and other humanities professions becoming developers in a short period of time.

I’m Not Afraid to Die, I’m Afraid Not to Try

Fear is what lies between us and our dreams. Often it is the fear of failure. But not trying is scarier than trying. Mistakes and failures are part of the journey.

There’s no such thing as a perfect scenario: you have to bump a few bumps before you arrive at the right one. Early in his career, Jay-Z was rejected by every label he applied to, thus indicating that he would never be a successful artist. Now Carter is not only a world-famous rapper, but also an entrepreneur who has launched a clothing company, a chain of sports bars and other businesses.

Life Is Different

Dreams of eternal happiness are long overdue. Life can be different. The only question is what you do in that moment. The most dangerous thing is inaction. You need to be able to accept the status quo and interact with it. 

The rest will only alienate you from real life – into your own illusions of how it should be. In moments of crisis, you may notice something you haven’t seen before: old patterns of behavior are wearing themselves out – new ones are forming.

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