What You Should and Shouldn’t Do to Your Curly Hair in the Summer

Curly hair requires special maintenance. To enjoy great curls this summer, you need to strive to follow some rules. Your beautiful curly hair will reward you with shine, vitality, and wonderfully arranged curls if you learn to pamper it properly. To do so, you need to choose what your hair care products should be, wisely. 

You can click here if you want to nourish your hair with a vitamin-packed diet. If you want to learn more about things you should and shouldn’t do this summer to keep your curls intact, continue reading this article. 

What You Shouldn’t Do 

First of all, you need to know that there are things you should not do if you want good curls. What are they?

Do not go overboard with the conditioner 

Conditioner is a must for curly hair. Without it, combing and arranging curls is unthinkable. But it is crucial to distinguish between different types of conditioners – mainly moisturizing and protein-packed ones.

There are significant differences in the use of the two types of conditioner. If you don’t follow the instructions for use, the effect reverses.

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One of the biggest mistakes women make is leaving the protein-packed conditioner to work for too long. It damages the hair, making it easily torn, more brittle and dry. Protein conditioner stays on the hair for no more than 10 minutes.

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The situation is different with moisturizing conditioners, which could be kept on the hair even a whole night. Deep hydration is crucial for curly hair. It helps to smooth the hair for good shine and nourish the scalp.

Do not use silicone products

Silicones are harmful for all hair types, but especially for curly hair. The positive thing about silicone compounds in products is that they give a natural shine to the hair. But only so much!

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The bad thing is that they seal the follicle and form a layer on the hair and scalp, preventing moisture from penetrating into the depths of the hair roots. Nourishing and hydrating is vital for curly hair, and silicones don’t allow this.

So it is best to use natural hair care products – masks, shampoos, conditioners, and serums like those by Dianella. 

What Should You Do?

Apply conditioners with washing. It is good to apply conditioners that are designed for rinsing. This way, you will not aggravate the hair with non-rinsing products that clog and interfere with the natural processes in the hair and scalp. The result will be tidier curls and more vitamins needed for curly hair.

Moisturizing Masks

Don’t rely only on the conditioner. Deep hydration is done by applying weekly moisturizing masks. They heal damaged hair, breakage, smooth out split ends and help effectively shape curls.

Softening Oils

Curly hair is usually dry. That is why hydration is important. Moisturizing is restorative with emollient oils. They nourish the hair in depth. The most suitable oils are hibiscus, coconut, avocado, lavender and rosemary. They are all very rich in beneficial fats for hair.

In summer, the hair becomes exhausted, loses shine and vitality. Sunlight, high temperatures and warm winds destroy pigment and keratin and dehydrate hair. Hair needs sunscreen, just like skin.

The summer sun makes hair color lighter, and it shines with sparkling highlights. In the beginning of summer hair looks great, but under the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays it becomes dry and dehydrated, with flowering edges. Autumn hair loss is a consequence of summer hair damage.

Unlike skin, hair has no defense mechanisms and cannot repair itself. That is why it is especially vulnerable during the summer months. If damage occurs, it becomes irreversible. Ultraviolet rays damage all areas of the hair. Lipid layer (on the hair strand surface) gets damaged by the oxidation process as free radicals from UV rays intensify the damage. The hair becomes “harder” to the touch, without shine and more difficult to control in moisture. The protective layer of the intercellular segment also weakens, and the hair becomes exhausted. Ultraviolet rays can even reach the core of the hair strands and destroy keratin, leading to breakage and blooming ends.

The most sensible solution to protect hair in the summer is to hide it from the sun under hats and towels. But if you prefer to wave your hair freely, even in the summer months, use sunscreen. Sunscreen products contain metal oxides (iron, titanium dioxide), which protect hair from overheating, and various moisturizing ingredients – panthenol, soy protein, jojoba, aloe vera, and others.

The key to the shine and health of the hair under the scorching summer sun are the products with a high concentration of soluble oil and a special UV filter, which simultaneously provide care, nourishment, and protection. Another way to protect your hair from the harmful effects of summer is to wash it more often (maybe every other day). Avoid stylists and perfume sprays, as they can lead to thermolysis (heat destruction at the root of the hair).

Here are some tips for shiny hair without much effort (from your favorites).

  1. It is good to use a shampoo activated by warm water.
  2. Nourish your hair at least once a week – with a mask with essential oils and herbs do a great job.
  3. Avoid oily skin products from the store. They contain ingredients that could further damage your already dried hair.

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