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Which is the strongest 3M double-sided tape?

There are two measures of double-sided tape strength—adhesion strength, which measures the strength of the bond between the tape and other material, and tensile strength, which measures the load or force required to break the tape.

To measure adhesion strength, testers will apply the tape to a stainless steel panel and then remove it. The force required to peel away or remove the tape decides its adhesion level. We measure this force in Newton centimetres (N/cm).

We also measure tensile strength in N/cm, but in a different way. Testers take a piece of tape one-inch (2.54cm) wide, hold it at both ends, and pull each end until the tape snaps. The force requires to break the tape determines its tensile strength.

Strength measurements typically range from 1 N/cm to 50 N/cm. For heavy-duty applications, we recommend choosing tape with adhesion and tensile strength levels of at least 20 N/cm.

If you’re not sure which brand to pick, check out some of our top 3M double-sided tape recommendations below.

3M Scotch-Mount Extreme Mounting Tape

The Scotch-Mount 3M Extreme Mounting Tape lives up to its name, boasting mounting strength of up to 13.4 kilograms. The tape features a durable acrylic material, making it fantastic for mounting heavy objects, like a mirror or a kitchen splashback, without nails, screws, or tacks.

This tape is also permanent and weather-resistant, so it will stay in place all year round, whether you use it indoors or out. It covers a range of materials including painted drywall, acrylic, metal, painted or finished wood, smooth stone, and painted acrylic.

Tesa White Double-Sided Cloth Tape

The Tesa White Double-Sided Cloth Tape is designed for floor laying. It features a specially-formulated adhesive that offers a strong bond, while still coming off residue-free if removed within fourteen days.

This tape is a great choice for laying temporary flooring for fairs, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, and renovation projects. It has adhesion and tensile strengths of 50N/cm, making it one of the strongest options on the market.

XFasten Double-Sided Tape

The XFasten Double-Sided Tape is another great option for holding objects in place without the need for nails or bolts. It’s easy to peel and stick, so it won’t leave any residue behind, but it also offers adhesion levels comparable to heavy-duty glue.

You can use XFasten tape on both smooth and rough surfaces, so whether you’re mounting to a wooden board or a rendered wall, you’ll have no trouble.

Like the Scotch-Mount Extreme Mounting Tape, this double-sided tape is also weather-resistant. This means the objects you mount will stay in place even through heavy rainstorms and scorching summer days.

Stay secure with strong tape

Whether you’re mounting a picture frame to a wall or wrapping boxes for transport, you’ll want to know your tape is built for the job. Remember—if you’re not sure of a tape’s strength, always check the N/cm measurements listed in the product specifications.

Choose one of the double-sided tapes we’ve listed in this article and rest assured your materials will be safe and secure!



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