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YouTube Video Ideas: The Ultimate List

Need a few good YouTube video ideas to help your channel grow? The guide will help you select one of your channel’s best ideas. With over a billion users, YouTube has become the second most-used social media networking site. Users racked up this platform with hundreds of millions of videos watch hour every day.

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Therefore, YouTube can become a serious SEO boost and help to grow your audience. If you have already thought about starting a YouTube channel but need to know what topics you should choose or what you should cover in your channel. The below list will help you to kick-start your creativity.

Getting to know your beginner YouTube video ideas

Picking up the right topic for your channel might be one of the most challenging decisions a content creator has to select. However, it is entirely up to your preference and what kind of talent you have. Here are a few ways to help you select the topic of interest.

Start vlogging –

Vlogging is one of the best things a user can do with their YouTube channel because the Internet is now becoming more and more about vlogging. Many YouTube content creators do these types of practices, which helps them to buy YouTube views organically. In addition, you can select topics such as travelling, food, or your house makeeover tour.

Explanation videos –

You can start your career on this platform by explaining different things. For example, there are a lot of questions among people about which day off and try to understand from different videos. If you have a piece of good knowledge about the question they were asking, then you should start video of making explainer videos.

For instance, many movies or web series are hard for people to understand because of their unique concepts. Therefore, you should thoroughly research that movie or web series and provide a good explanation for your audience. It might boost your fan following on this platform.

Educational videos –

Educational videos are one of the best concepts for users to start their videos. It can be categorised in many ways because there are many things on which you can educate people. Some popular educational or tutorial videos are as follows.

  • How to – These videos are the most popular videos on YouTube because they only show a particular video about a specific thing. The topics on how-to videos are unlimited. For instance, how to play the guitar, how to start your Facebook account and many more things. You can provide a few tutorials and educate people to fill these kinds of stuff.
  • Cooking – Cooking can be another example of education. You might use your cooking skills to educate people about different recipes if you are a good chef.

Unboxing videos –

If you take interesting topics such as boxing, you might start your own YouTube channel on this topic because there are many things you can reveal to your audience about what is inside the box. Many YouTubers often do unboxing videos showing what is inside the box to their audience.

It helps the audience to get an idea about the product they are ordering. Technical guruji is an Indian YouTuber who often upload videos of mobile phone, which is essential for a user to get an idea about the latest technology and mobile phones.

Trainer or workout videos –

If you are a fitness trainer, it would be ideal for opening a YouTube channel related to fitness and tips and tricks on building muscles. At the time of Covid 19, when all the gyms were closed, people searched for different exercises on this platform.

Most people still prefer to exercise at home without wasting time travelling. It can be a good topic and help you to build your professional Courier on YouTube.

Can I buy YouTube views?

You may see hundreds of advertisements daily while surfing your web browser about buying YouTube views. And this makes you think about having a lot of views in exchange for little money. However, this is a completely wrong approach used by content creators. At first, on YouTube, the algorithm was designed to provide more reachability to content with more views. It made people buy YT views.

Today this is completely changed, and people can also lose their data and privacy to third-party applications which cannot be trusted. So, ensure you do not buy or modify anything related to your channel from third-party application or website. It can also lead to instant account termination.


These are a few topics that might help you select one of the best for you. Make sure the topic selection is completely up to your preferences and interests. Becoming famous can take time, and you have to be patient. Keep on working hard to provide the best content to your audience.

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